Monday, 3 August 2015

Me on Monday

Me on Monday ... having a day at home to recharge the batteries after a hectic weekend.
I had a fantastic time in London on Saturday getting all the photos I'd planned to take, and more. I didn't know about the cycling event so wasn't expecting quite so many people in the area around the palace; getting around took longer than expected, but on the plus side there were a couple of good bands to listen to! I also spent an hour or so in the Victoria and Albert Museum, one of my favourite places to while away some time. Lots of walking and I was shattered by the time I got home, so a quick bath and an early night!
On Sunday, I had the pleasure of meeting up with Sandie, a blogging friend. She was in the area for a weekend break with her son and they were staying at the Stonehenge Campsite which is about 40 minutes drive from my home, so I drove down to meet her and we had a delicious breakfast at the Cholderton Farm Café.  It's always fun to actually meet a blogging friend in real life and this meeting was no exception with plenty to chat about and lots in common.  Hopefully it'll be the first of many meetings. We both succumbed to the temptation of the pies on sale in the shop and then went back to the camp site.  I was supposed to be going on to Stonehenge after I dropped Sandie of but we were delayed in traffic on the A303 and I missed my timeslot so abandoned that idea and went instead to have a look at Sandie's son's camper van.
Travelling in a camper van is on my wish list for when I retire, so that I can explore the UK, coming and going as I want.  I don't know if I'll ever get to buy my own van or whether hiring may be the better option for me, but I'm secretly hoping that I win the one that's on Facebook!! Anyway, I had a look around their van, a Bongo, and also looked at a couple of others parked nearby and was pleasantly surprised by what I saw.  It'd definitely suit me and I think I'd enjoy time away from home in one.  I suppose the next thing is to try it out so I spent the evening searching for sites that hire them out (there are loads!) and start thinking about when and where to go - probably not till next year now, as I'll need to save up.  
Today, I'm pottering around home with no plans to go out.  When I finish this post I'm going to sit in the garden for a while, have a mug of coffee and just enjoy the moment. Later, probably this afternoon, I need to prepare some notes for Wednesday evening for a 'get to know your camera' session I'm running for some meet up friends, but apart from that I have nothing else planned for today. I can just do whatever takes my fancy, no need to rush, just take things slowly and enjoy myself.  I like days like today!
Joining with Sian at From High in the Sky.


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend in London. There are a lot of campers here and it does seem to be the choice of travel for retirees. I read somewhere that in Australia they call them Grey Nomads. I hope you have a great time at your Wednesday workshop and a wonderful week. Now I am going to take my tea on to the patio ;)

  2. Meeting up with Sandie sounds like great fun: something I'd love to do too!

    I like Mary-Lou's comment about "Grey Nomads"..I could join in with that band too

    1. Well I have the correct hair colour, so I'm one step closer!!

  3. Busy but fun weekend for sure! Neat that you could meet a blogging friend and enjoy some time together :)


  4. Hi Eileen, busy weekend, but very useful! Find a friend on the Net, fabulous! Last May I found here in Lisbon, a friend of Brazil. Very interesting! Very good one day be able to run in England in a trailer! We have come to think of it, but never achieved. Portugal with its beaches and beautiful landscapes lend itself too! Hugs and good week

  5. Isn't it so much fun to meet other bloggers! xx

  6. how lovely to meet up with a blogging friend.

  7. It was lovely to meet you Eileen and yes, it was a good breakfast and my won was impressed with the pie I bought him. It seems they are a favourite of his! Glad you enjoyed looking at the campers and finding out more about Bongo's. I'm sure you would love the freedom and friendship campervans bring. Hope we can meet up again sometime!