Tuesday, 4 August 2015

All About ... the Art Course Day 9

A bit of a Van Gogh moment today, by which I mean we were painting sunflowers, not trying to copy his style! 
This week's new technique was 'scumbling' which is how the background was done; a creamy wash and then the pale blue laid over the top but allowing the cream to show through.  The rest of the painting was an opportunity to refine what we'd previously been taught but applying the paint to the papers using different 'dabbing' strokes with different brushes to get the various effects.
I'm please with the end result.  The variety of shades you can see on the leaves are also on the petals, but I haven't managed to capture the different tones in this photo. Next week is the last week and we'll be painting a still life.  Apparently! We'll see ...
I'm going to miss this course when it's finished but I can't sign up for the next level until after I retire, as it runs during term time.  Still it's something to look forward to ... I'll add it to the list!


  1. Very nicely done!! I can't believe the course is almost over! So true about something to look forward to after you retire to move on to the next course up.


  2. That has gone very quick, so glad you have enjoyed it and the sunflower is lovely.

  3. Well done you! Sunflowers are such happy flowers and you have captured the essence of that. I like the scumbling background.

  4. You have done some lovely paintings during this course, shame it is coming to an end so soon