Thursday, 13 August 2015


Yesterday, I met with a friend for lunch at Lowden Garden Centre.  These frequent lunches with various friends could well be the reason the diet isn't working, but that's something to puzzle my brain about on another day!
After lunch we had a look around the 'gifts for gardeners' section and I was pleasantly surprised to see that their orchids were half price. I'd been thinking about getting some for my home and these looked healthy enough, so I bought two ...

The creamy coloured one will eventually make its home in the front room, once I've had a bit of a change round, but for now it will keep the other one company in the dining room. That's assuming I manage to keep them alive!
Oh, and I bought these as well ...
Lyn's job was to be my conscience and stop me spending too much, so she failed miserably! She bought plants and a smaller version of the grey pots above, so she was a bad as me ... maybe we shouldn't go to garden centres together.  Joking aside, I had planned to get the terracotta ones and have plants waiting to go in them.  The other two grey ceramic ones were too good a bargain to miss; they will eventually have roses in them and will stay on the decking/patio.


  1. Love the cream coloured Orchid, I don't think you will be able to kill it, just remember when it looks dead and you are thinking of throwing it out don't, keep it and just let it be. I feel you need to give it a good 12 months to actually see how the cycle goes with them. Mine are so neglected but are in flower now :) xx

  2. Beautiful orchids and I love the pots, especially the grey ones, very stylish indeed!!! xx

  3. Beautiful flowers and great bargains. Who says that pots have to be for plants only. I have pots doing duty as a magazine rack, a small one as a toothbrush, toothpaste holder! I like a wander through a garden centre especially at season's end - I tell myself I am Christmas planning for gifts ...

  4. I think it is neat you are getting together with friends :) It is fun to spend time with them whether shopping or at lunch :) Such pretty orchids too!