Friday, 14 August 2015

Today Has Been Cancelled!

I stuck my head outside the front door to see how heavy the rain was and decided to cancel my plans for today ... definitely not the weather for a picnic at the beach.  Plan B is now in force ... curled up on the sofa to finish my latest book (in time for the book group meeting), only stopping for food, drink and toilet breaks.
Before I go, I must tell you my good news.  Last night I organised a board game evening in one of the local pubs and I got chatting to S, who I was meeting for the first time.  It seems that we have a friend in common; she knows, and is in contact, with a very good friend of mine from way back who I'd lost touch with and she is going to pass on my contact details.  S also knows another friend of mine who I've recently got back in touch with.  It's a small world isn't it?
Finally, the best news of the lot ... my friend's youngest, Lauren, got the required grades and has been accepted at her first choice university to study English Literature.  I'm so pleased for her as she put so much time and effort into studying and she deserves this success.


  1. We are also having a rainy day and moving to Plan B. I like all your happy news about reconnecting with friends. And well done to your friend's daughter. It is SO hard these days to get into your first choice university, but I will add that I didn't get into my first choice but it is at my other choice of school that I met Mr Man - so all in all a good outcome. Hoping you enjoy your Plan B Day.

  2. Apart from the rain sounds like a good day all round. Thunderstorms last night kept me a wake but then they were pretty spectacular to watch. The only downside was I didn't want to wake everyone else up (dogs included) whilst I went to get my camera from downstairs so didn't get any pics but the sky was the most amazing colours.

  3. That is wonderful news to possibly reconnect with a friend from the past and congrats to your friend's daughter for her academic achievements! Wishing her much success with it!

    I agree, if the weather won't cooperate for an outside activity, cancel and enjoy the day inside, sounds like a cozy one!


  4. What a great title for a post!

    It's nice to hear some good news :)

  5. What a wet day it has been! Interested to see you organised a board game evening. We are starting a similar thing in our village hall. Glad to hear about your friends good news for her daughter. We had AS results here. Very pleasing I am glad to report!

    1. Congratulations to your daughter. The board game evening was a success and we hope to do one every month, although we are looking for a quieter venue for next time. Hope yours goes well.

  6. Congratulations to your daughter!!!! I hope that she has a wonderful time at Uni! Your day indoors sounds like a great idea! Much better than going out in the rain. xx

  7. Friday was an awful weather day, I too staying in and read my book. How nice it will be to catch up with an old friend. Congrats to your friends daughter.