Thursday, 7 April 2016

Best Laid Plans

The work I'm having done in the kitchen and cloakroom was scheduled to start w/c 18th April so the dining room table was moved into the living room to make space for all the new stuff.  The replacement cabinets, sink, work surface and appliances for the kitchen have already been delivered, with the sink and cabinets for the cloakroom expected tomorrow. I've chosen and collected the tiles for both rooms as well.

This is what the dining room looks like.  

There is just enough room to open the fridge without knocking into the lengths of work surface and, with some careful manoeuvring, I can still get out to the french doors to take the rubbish out. I only had to live like this for a short time so wasn't too stressed about it.  

Then last night I received an email postponing the installation until May 2nd at the earliest.  It's unavoidable and these things happen and I admit to being disappointed about the delay, but cheered up by the fact that he has given me a 5% discount in compensation. 

I've decided not to postpone any of the other improvements as a result of this delay so on Saturday am off to Ikea to order the bookcase(s) for the music room/study and next week will go over to Chippenham to order the dresser for the dining room.  I'll arrange for Ikea to install the bookcase(s) (they have to be assembled and then fixed to the wall) so, once that's done I can get on with organising that room and deciding what stays and what goes.  There is a 10 - 12 week delivery on the dresser so the kitchen should definitely be finished and decorated before that arrives, and then I'll be able to have my paperweights on display again.


  1. Renovations cause such a disruption to the rest of your house! We painted our kitchen (walls & cupboards), and the contents of the entire kitchen were all over the house for about 6 weeks! You'll be even more excited to have everything in place when you get it all finished. Ordering all your new furniture sounds like such fun ;)

  2. One change always leads to more but that 5% discount certainly takes the sting out of a delay.

  3. I don't envy you those renovations. So much to do and so many waits in between. Good luck with getting it all done! ~Lori~

  4. We're going through the same thing, but outside with some renovations. We take a step ahead and then two steps behind, but eventually, like your projects, all will get done :)


  5. It is amazing how the "contents" of a kitchen take up so much space when they are all stacked up isn't it. Hope that the work goes well when it happens and that you can get moving with other things in the meantime! xx

  6. Well I am impressed by your attitude to the delay. Hope they keep to the second date.