Wednesday, 13 April 2016


I'm playing SNAP with Helena today, as I too am showing my results from trying out a new-to-me craft. Yesterday I was on a 'Zentangle with Watercolours' course in Marlborough.  I'd wanted to try my hand at Zentangles for ages - another one of those things I kept saying I wanted to do but never found the time to get my act together, and the watercolour aspect seemed to add that little bit extra so I signed myself up for the course.

Here's the results:

A small sample to start with, just copying the Zentangle patterns that were drawn on the whiteboard ....

Next, we tried out first Zentangle picture ....

.... and then we tried another one where we added the watercolour paint to the design (which hasn't photographed properly for some reason).

After lunch we had the rest of the time to work on our own picture.  I opted for a sunflower but decided against adding the colours - I much prefer the black and white designs.

The only thing I didn't like about the course was that, although there were a few examples of the various patterns to copy, for the most part we were left to make up our own Zentangle patterns ourselves.  I had a look online last night and have printed out some sample patterns to practice .... I'm hooked on Zentangles now, it's another cheap, fun way to relax.


  1. Very nice Snap collection. I like doing the pre-made kind, it makes me feel a little like an artist, when truly I am not. I like the leaf pattern & the last floral one. I have tried making hand drawn mandalas (courtesy of Deb at Paper Turtle). There are so many types & styles of adult colouring books now, so I am not stressing too much about hand made (col).

  2. I love your zentangles and doing them inside a leaf or flower - I've always done them as a divided square - shame your instructor did not share more instructions with you as there are so many available on the web - happy tangling

  3. These look great, and a fun way to doodle. We used to have posters like this called Doodleart when I was young. I think they may still be around. Of course, we just coloured in the posters, the designs were already there. I love that sunflower you did!

  4. I'm impressed! I don't think I could do this: I'm hopeless at doodling! Is it okay if I say I like the black and white without the colour? Really striking.

    1. I agree. I much prefer it as just black and white.

  5. cool...I tried this a few times but wasn't very good at it! It does take practice. I really like your leaf and sunflower.

  6. I have tried Zentangle, but was not very good at it. I seemed to just stick to the same three or four patterns. I might have another go now - I thought the leaf and sunflower were great. I like it with colour but prefer the black and white really.

  7. Oh I love this. I have tried some Zentangles and have to say I prefer the B&W. I didn't find it easy to do, like Carole R I didn't seem to be able to come up with many patterns. I love the leaf so much. I am colouring some postcards at the moment. I say I'll do it for 1/2 hour then an hours gone and then "I'll just finish this bit..."

  8. They look very interesting and I like the sunflower one and like the black and white. Some great pattern designs.

  9. Gosh, I had never heard of this! Love your examples. But now I also feel I must have a go. I have always wanted to do some pen-and-ink work, but wondered where to start. Now I know.
    By the way, the patterns remind me a bit of the details of Charles Keeping's pen and ink drawings for Rosemary Sutcliff's historical novels for children. Google it if you are unfamiliar with his work.
    All the best :)

  10. Sounds like a neat course - I like both the colourwashed and b/w versions. Used to do such zentangles but stopped, can't remember why.

  11. I enjoy zentangle art too. ou can see some of my designs here ( I'm working on a TARDIS based design at the moment. Yours are good too. I like the sunflower one.