Saturday, 9 April 2016

Saturday Check-In

As predicted by Betty, I haven't lost any more weight this week but on the plus side I haven't gained any either, so I'm still recording a loss so far of 9lbs in 18 days. I was sort of expecting the scales to show a gain of a pound or two because I wasn't totally convinced that last week's weight was correct. It now seems like it was, so I'm a happy bunny!

I just continued in the same way this week with the food (calorie counting) but haven't managed any where near as much exercise so I need to concentrate on including that in my day.  It should be easier this week as I don't need to stay in waiting for deliveries and will have plenty of time to get out for walks ... no excuses!


  1. You'll probably see some bit of a weight loss next week if you keep on the same track and add a bit of exercise back in :) Doing great!


  2. Wow, that's a lot of weight to lose in eighteen days, well done. Good luck for this week, keep it up you're doing really well.