Monday, 4 April 2016

Memorandum Monday

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A happy Monday morning wave to all the other Monday people. It's been another week of plenty of 'new' and 'first' things - I like this way of looking at my life and realising that, even without making a conscious effort to do something new, that boundary of new experiences, knowledge and possessions is constantly being stretched.  Thanks Sian, for organising such a clever and positive weekly link up.

First on the list is my new phone - my first ever iphone, hence the photo (although mine is white), and so far I am loving it. Linked with that purchase are a couple more firsts in the form of two new to me apps.  I am now using Map My Walk, (big thank you to Barbara for the recommendation), which connects with My Fitness Pal (the app I'm using to monitor my daily calorie intake).  I've also signed up for Instagram as a_bracelet_of_days if anyone wants to follow me, but there's no rush as I haven't added any photos yet!

Still on the new technology in my life, I now have access to Netflix - my friend's daughter pays for extra logs ins for her family and she is letting me use one of them.  I had a quick look at it last night and felt almost overwhelmed by the choice.  In the end I settled for the Tom Cruise film, 'Jack Reacher' - not as bad as I thought it would be, but Cruise is definitely not the Jack Reacher of the books!

Changing tack completely, on Saturday I was shown a new to me short cut to Lacock which uses the country lanes instead of the main roads. It's really only a short cut from Julie's home in Melksham but useful to know as a way of avoiding the main roads at busy times.

And finally, I've learnt a new word - I'm usually quite slow at picking up on these things, so you probably all know it already.  The word is 'farnarkling', which apparently 'is the group activity whereby everyone sits around discussing the need to "do something" but nothing actually happens'.  Isn't it a brilliant word?

Hope you all have a great week.  


  1. a brilliant word and not one I had heard before - I'll store it away to use the next time I'm in that situation - have a great week

  2. What a fantastic word!!! Hope that you keep enjoying your new phone, I need to get a new phone and am dreading it, but you give me hope! xx

  3. All great firsts! I hope you enjoy the iPhone; took me a while to get used to my smart phone (still learning after 2 years, LOL). I don't have Netflix; its probably a good thing; I could see myself spending time there enjoying all their offerings.


  4. Well, you are absolutely welcome! I think the pleasure is all mine..especially on a day like today when I come and read such an interesting post full of new things. I'm glad you are getting stuck into discovering all the new things your phone can do. I think my iphone has made my life more interesting. I'll look out for you on IG. I'm there, but don't feel you have to follow me as it's mostly scrapbooking!

    I'll have to find a Jack Reacher book, as I like Cruise and am now wondering how different the book character is.

    Hope you have a great week Eileen

  5. Your technology bravery is to be admired. I have an old iphone & really not that in like with it but just cannot be bother to upgrade or change at the moment. You have given me some encouragement to do so. I like your new word - although with Mr Man I try to avoid the need to use with all my lists & manifesto for the summer - happy week ahead.

  6. Farnarkling. Farnarkling. Great word, but its meaning drives me mad! I will be using this!
    Great post. Thanks for the huge list of things to do in Wilts BYW. Will forward to friend to avoid any f a r n a r k l i n g later!

  7. That's a new word for me too.....I'm glad to hear your week is starting more positively than last week! xx

  8. New word to me too! I do love my iPhone! Had one for a couple of years now. So tempted to upgrade to a newer model with a better camera but can't really justify it!