Wednesday, 6 April 2016


I'm sharing four photos of street art in Bath for Helena's SNAP! link up.  They are along the wall in Walcot Street and I photographed a couple of them as part of the Winter Photography Scavenger Hunt. At the time I thought I wouldn't be able to photograph any more of them because the pavement doesn't extend along underneath the other ones I'd seen so it wouldn't be safe on such a busy road. Today, however, I looked properly and realised that there are more of them than I thought and there was actually a handy pavement for safety, so here are some of the others ...

 Thank you again to Helena for organising this.


  1. what fun public art - I lvoe the range of expressions and glad you didn't need to risk life and limb to capture them!

  2. Oh such a fun Snap - I laughed out loud on the first one; now that is a blend of old & new. Sunglasses!

  3. These are great. I have never seen these. I wonder how long they have been there.. Not a long time judging by the sunglasses! I must take a wander down Walcot St.

  4. These are neat! Such different expressions on the four of them.


  5. What a great public art project - it's always nice to see a touch of fun and a nod to the past!
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  6. Such fun photos! The faces are fascinating, I keep meaning to go back and photograph them.