Thursday, 14 April 2016

A Change of Plan

Things never go according to plan, do they?

When the person came to measure up for the kitchen, she also measured for a replacement sink and cupboards in the cloakroom. I'd chosen a compact range designed especially for small cloakrooms and was assured it would fit, so she went ahead and placed the order for me.  It was delivered last Friday but she'd ordered the wrong stuff and, instead of the compact range, the full size bathroom range was delivered - way too big for the space.

I phoned the company and, although they agreed it was their mistake, it couldn't be replaced in time for the installation date and they were being difficult about a refund.  There was absolutely no way any of it could be made to fit so, after our trip to the theatre on Saturday, we went along to Ikea where I chose and collected the items I needed, saving myself £250 and also having the peace of mind to know that everything was ready and waiting for the installation.

I'd decided that if I couldn't get a refund from the original company, I'd just take a loss and sell the stuff on Gumtree.  However, today I went to plan B and loaded all the stuff into the car and took it back to the store, demanded to see the manager and got my refund.  He said that there was no question that I was entitled to a refund and he'll investigate why I'd been told otherwise, but I'm not holding my breath to hear back about it.

The new range from Ikea is similar to the one I'd originally chosen, so I'm happy with 'the look' I'll (eventually) have. Now, please will everyone keep their fingers crossed that the installation starts on the agreed date!


  1. My fingers are crossed! Well done you for taking it back to the store.

  2. I don't get it with customer service these days on some things; the customer should always be right, especially if it was the store's mistake.


  3. Oh goodness. How frustrating. Stress I am sure you can do without.

  4. Quite right too! Glad you saw it through. They should have offered you additional compensation for all the hassle too, I reckon. (But then I'm a grumpy old so'n'so!)