Sunday, 15 April 2018

A Quiet Day

I'm having a jimjam day today. I'm still in my dressing gown and have no intentions of getting dressed ... so there! I didn't sleep well and am feeling tired anyway after all the sorting and organising I've done over the last week so I'm being sensible for once and listening to my body, which is screaming out for rest.

I won't take the rest of the stuff to the auction rooms until Wednesday now. Partly because it'd be too much of a rush to finish organising it - I need some smaller boxes to repack some of it to reduce the weight of each box - but also because I've agreed to drive Lauren to Bristol Airport tomorrow (after her arrangements fell through) so I won't have enough time to do that and the auction room run in the same day. She's off on a uni trip for her degree. 

Schools go back this week so I'll start teaching again on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. It seems that my 'problem' with the private pupils and whether to continue teaching them next year may have sorted itself. I currently have five children, but will stop teaching the two older ones in July anyway as they are moving to senior school in September. The mother of one of these two phoned me yesterday afternoon to say she'd managed to arrange for her older child to have lessons with the man she used to learn with when she was at school but that, for it to be viable for him, he needed to start teaching the younger child as well. It's the best outcome possible for the two children concerned so I'm over the moon for them ... and relieved for myself as the younger one is only eight so it'd be a few more years before she moved to senior school! That will leave two more children still to be sorted. In the worse case scenario I will continue with them for another year, when they too will move on to senior school, but I'm hoping their parents will be able to make other arrangements for them. 

I've taken the easy option for cooking today as well. I have a whole chicken in the slow cooker which will be ready in time for my evening meal. It's the first time I've tried cooking a chicken this way so I'm following the advice given in a Facebook group I've joined, and am keeping my fingers crossed that it'll taste wonderful! For lunch I will have some of the pea and ham soup I made yesterday. Actually I suppose it's more of a fridge surprise soup because, although I started with the ingredients for my usual recipe, I ended up adding all the tired looking veggie from the fridge as well. There's three portions in the freezer plus the one I'm eating today so I hope it is tasty.

Somehow, next week I have to find the time to sort out the problem of loading photos to blogger. I don't like my blog without the photos so this is a priority and if I can't resolve it I may have to change to Wordpress. Blogger have been no help at all so if anyone has had this problem and either sorted it or found a work around, please will you let me know?


  1. I'm very glad you are sorting out the pupil problem.
    J x

  2. I love pj days, there's nothing more relaxing than just doing whatever you please for a whole day, and a good way to rest. Sorry I can't help with the photo problem, I'm not technically minded at all and usually rely on one of my kids when I can't sort something out myself. Hope you manage to resolve the issue. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment.

  3. Hello Eileen, thank you for your visit and comment.
    I'm glad you're doing and guiding your things in a quiet way.
    I hope the chicken was tasty;))!
    Hugs and good week.
    (I'm sorry for the lack of photos. I have not had this problem yet, so I can not help; sorry).

  4. Glad you were able to have a relaxed, restful day. Sundays are supposed to be days of rest, anyway, aren't they? Glad, too, that at least two of your students have been sorted out. Hopefully, the rest will be sorted, as well.