Thursday, 12 April 2018

They're Here!

The fitters have turned up. I've passed their coffee making and biscuit test so they've decided to stay and the first window has been installed. The best news is that the company is sending extra fitters tomorrow so, if all goes well, the work should still be completed tomorrow as originally agreed but if not they will be here on Saturday to finish.

They are working upstairs today so I've settled in the living room sorting through the last lot of stuff to take to the auction house on Monday. They don't want access to the French doors today so I've moved some of the stuff I'd stacked up out of the way and am hoping to get most of it sorted today, rather than leave it till the weekend. It'll probably be another two car loads and will be the final loads to go. 

I managed to get out for a walk yesterday and am happy to report that my knee held up well. There was no pain at all when I was out and it was just a bit achy last night. It's fine today so it seems that short, easy walks will be the way to rebuild the strength in my leg and, if I'm sensible about it, I should be more mobile in time for my rescheduled holidays in August. 

I sorted through all the books last night. Regular readers will know that my sister passes all of her books on to me (50 or so every couple of months) and although we generally have the same tastes in books, sometimes she fancies a change and chooses ones I have no interest in reading. Added to that are the books I buy myself and the ones that friends pass on - the books were taking over the house so I've been ruthless about selecting the ones to read and the ones to go. I've kept about 50 to read, have about 100 to pass on to friends, and 117 (I've counted them!) to donate to the Red Cross charity shop in Chippenham - a friend works there and will collect them at next week's book group meeting. The ones I'm keeping will fit into one bookcase so it also leaves me with free space in other cupboards. I bet it doesn't stay empty for long!


  1. Yeah that the windows are being done & that's a very good customer service offer to get things done on time. I am strictly a library reader now & I also must sort through books I no longer want or need but trying to find somewhere to take, we have no 2nd hand book shops (sad). Yeah good news about the knee.

    1. Have you tried local hospitals? The friends of the hospital in Bath collect books for their fund raising sales.

    2. Mary-Lou, is that a legal thing or have secondhand bookshops simply never taken off over there? I know there is a copyright clause inside most books, about selling on/lending books, and wonder if it is differently enforced in Canada.

    3. I donated quite a lot of books to a book table at Paulton hospital when mum was in there. The funniest thing was one book which mum had finished with and so I gave them that too. Next time I visited it was back on her locker. My sister had seen it and bought it because she thought mum would like it! Paulton hospital funds did well out of it as we gave it to them again. Luckily I don't have another sister and my brother wouldn't think of buying such a thing!

  2. Even with all the upheaval its great to see the work in progress. You've had such a declutter too and created yet more space to be filled. Hope everything gets finished tomorrow to free up your weekend.


  3. Brilliant news all round! Really happy for you.

  4. Glad to read that the work on the windows has started and they might add more to the crew if needed. Glad, too, to read that you were able to go for a walk without any pain.

    Well done on decluttering your books! I no longer buy books! I gave away a lot of my books, but I still have more! Very hard for me to declutter books!