Sunday, 22 April 2018

Taking It Easy!

I wasn't expecting that thunderstorm last night. I'm not too good with those, not to do with the noise or flashes, but I always get a pressure headache and then can't concentrate on anything. I took some paracetamol and even though the storm passed over quite quickly, the headache settled in for the night and I didn't sleep too well as a result, so I'm feeling rather drained this morning. Still at least the garden got a good watering and my new windows have passed with flying colours - not a single leak, thank goodness.

It's another day at home. I was hoping to finish sorting through the remaining boxes but don't seem to be able to get myself motivated this morning, so it's going to be a day spend reading, watching TV and generally being pathetic. I'm not good without enough sleep!

Band practices resumed yesterday and it was lovely to see everyone again. I'm not playing with them at the moment so, after teaching the beginners, I got stuck in to some of the jobs that we don't normally have time for. Yesterday was stamping up all the latest sheet music purchases with the band stamp so it's all ready to be issued to the kids, and also some sorting out in the room where the music and instruments are stored. I was on my feet for most of the morning so my knees are protesting this morning, another reason for taking it easy today! Next week I'll check all the children's music folder to make sure they haven't lost any music and the following week I'll do an instrument check to make sure they're maintaining their instruments properly. In response to an emailed question, I have no plans to stop working with the band once I retire. It's a charity run by volunteers so not only does it count as my voluntary work in the community, but it's also a hobby and something that I love doing. As it is a voluntary thing I can always arrange to take a Saturday or two off if I want to travel and, although it can be really busy at times, it's not stressful in the way that teaching in schools can be stressful.

We went to the craft afternoon on Friday to find an empty pub, not one other crafter to be seen and no sign of the organiser. Not a good start, but the landlady phoned the organiser and she turned up to meet and greet us. We hadn't taken any crafts with us as we wanted to suss out what the group was like before committing to joining. However, it turns out that it is free, nothing at all to pay when you go and you just have to email her to say that you will be going to the session and she will be there or will arrange for someone else to be there in her place. We stayed for about an hour, enjoyed the chat and have decided to give it a try next week. L is going to take her sketch pad and some pencils but I haven't decided what to take yet. D, the organiser, said that a couple of people just take colouring books with them so that's always a possibility or, I know I have a half finished patchwork bag somewhere so will consider that if I find it in time. We both got the impression that it's more of a social event rather than any serious crafting being done so that suits me just fine. Hopefully this may be a successful way of making new friends. 


  1. Enjoy a good rest. Glad you are going to give the crafting group another try :)

  2. It sounds as if it could be great fun. Hopefully more will turn up and I agree with you about it being social.
    J x

  3. I was driving through Bristol in that lovely storm. We were having a BBQ which is probably what brought it on.

  4. Hope you had a nice, restful Sunday. The craft club sounds like it might be a fun thing to do, provided people actually showed up! I once tried to organize a crafts afternoon with a few friends, but only one person showed up and we just spent the afternoon chatting!