Sunday, 8 April 2018

Another New Beginning ...

I've given myself a firm talking to, have pulled up my big girl pants and decided that enough is enough - time to stop feeling sorry for myself and get on with enjoying life. The health issues are all still there and they will either get better or they won't, but whatever the outcome I still have a life to lead. I'm very aware that I'm moving rapidly towards the next stage of my life and I'm feeling excited about the changes that'll take place over the next few months. It's another new beginning!

First to happen are all the improvements to the house starting next Wednesday with the new windows and then the work on the main bedroom, bathroom, ensuite and living room following on afterwards. I don't have a firm date for completion of all that work yet but hope that by the end of the summer I will be arranging for new carpets and decorating. Then it'll 'just' be a case of finding new furniture for the living room!

The second big thing is that I'm nearly at the end of the decluttering. I took two car loads to one of the local auction rooms and will be taking the remainder tomorrow or Tuesday, and all of those items will be auctioned off in various auctions during April and May. I've sorted another car load to go to a different auction room next week, where they accept the lower value items that the other place doesn't handle and that'll go into their May auction. Then there will be the last couple of boxes for a charity shop and a few odds and ends that I've listed on Gumtree. Although I'll have to pay commission on the auction sales I decided in the end that gaining the space and the feeling of relief that comes with letting go was much more important. 

This just leaves me with the music books I use for teaching, which I need for now but which can go as soon as I stop teaching. I've already stopped at my Friday school so just have the other two schools and the private lessons to sort out. I want to definitely finish by the end of the next academic year (July 2019), but earlier if possible. I'll still teach at the band so it won't be the end of my involvement with youth music, but as that is voluntary I'll be able to take time out for holidays, etc.

My hope for this new stage of my life (once the house is finished) is to have time for travelling, both in the UK and abroad, hence the need to be free during term time when prices are lower. I'm very much at the planning stage still, just listing ideas for where to go and what to see but in some ways, this dreaming and planning stage is almost as good as the actual experience! 


  1. You are doing brilliantly, absolutely fantastically! Well done.
    J x

  2. Bravo you. It's very hard to let things go that have had meaning, why else did we buy them. I have a box of things I need to send out for someone else to love but I just keep hanging on to see if I miss them. Travel sound like a perfect & exciting goal to be moving towards.

  3. So pleased to see your post. I was wondering whether you were managing with "stuff" OK. Only natural for recent events/news to have taken their toll, requiring time to process. Often being in a hiatus is worse than knowing one way or another what one is dealing with. Glad that you are feeling a bit stronger now and getting your teeth into a few jobs. Hope that the new-found mental and physical space from the decluttering will aid you on your way, together with hopefully some nice cheques trickling in over the coming weeks ... and, dare I say it, a bit of sun!

  4. Never too late to make a new beginning!

  5. All sounds fabulous to me and a very exciting time to come.
    Mitzi x

  6. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. It sounds like you are starting on an exciting new phase in your life. I am sorry you are dealing with health issues; I hope it is something that can be resolved (I haven't read your previous posts, yet, so don't know the details). I, too, am thinking about retiring, so it sounds like we are both setting out on a new phase in our lives together.

    1. Thanks for looking in. We both have a lot of changes to look forward to.

  7. It all sounds like a good plan. Good luck!