Wednesday, 25 April 2018


Yesterday, I phoned to make an appointment with my doctor only to be told that he's no longer with the surgery. I'm not really that surprised as for the last few years he's only been working as a GP for one day a week and for the last two months it's been impossible to get an appointment with him. I've been seeing him for twenty years so feel incredibly sad that I didn't have the opportunity to thank him for his support over the years and to wish him well for the future. So it has be another doctor from now on; I haven't decided yet which one I'll see except I don't think it will the two I've seen recently - he'll be a hard act to follow!  I'm being monitored for so many things at the moment that the news has been unsettling but there's nothing I can do about it, so ...

I also heard that a friend who goes to the book group is leaving the area to move nearer to her family, so the May meeting will be the last time we see her. I only ever see her at the book group so I think it's unlikely that we'll keep in touch, which will be a shame. She's also going to be a hard act to follow and her contribution to the discussion will be missed by everyone. Let's hope we can fill the gap in some way.

Both changes I could do without but I believe that things happen for a reason, so I'm sure everything will work out for the best.


  1. Eileen I think your attitude does you credit - what's that saying about change, it's the only constant thing. I think having to change doctors is very stressful, it is after all one of the most intimate relationships we have. Friendships of what ever level are hard to loose for what ever the reason. Friendships have been a recent focus of mine & I believe The Universe is supporting that as I am reading on so many blogs thoughts on friendships (no magic answers).

  2. I can sympathise about having been unable to say goodbye to the doctor. I would feel much the same way in your position. I'm surprised a notice wasn't put up in the practice, to inform patients that he was going. (In my surgery, patients receive letters too.) Anyway, if you handed a card in at reception I'm sure it would be forwarded to him? Good luck with finding a new doctor to fill his shoes - I'm sure you will.

  3. Change is hard! My mother used to always tell me that change was good, but I don't like change! You have the right attitude, though! I hope you find a good doctor and find new friends at the crafts club to make up for the friend who is leaving the book club!