Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Today's Plans and May Mini Break

Once I'd got myself going, yesterday was a productive day. Two loads of laundry, bathrooms and cloakroom cleaned, and a couple of kitchen cupboards wiped down inside and out.

I have to wait in this morning for a return visit by one of the fitters to fit the coach bolts on the new French doors. For some reason the bolts weren't available on the days they were installing the new windows and doors so today will see the job completed and I will be able to fix the doors open so that they don't keep closing at the slightest puff of wind.

This afternoon I'll be in school with KS1, and this evening a friend is coming round to learn a bit about editing photos. She's interested in my new editing software and wants to have a go before she commits to buying it for herself.

I've finished booking my May mini break, the time I've chosen to do something every year to celebrate my late partner's life (as his birthday was May 12th). I'm going to stay in Watford for three nights in May during SATS week when the schools don't want lessons. I'll drive up on the Sunday and will break my journey in Reading to meet up with a friend from college days. I'm meeting my late partner's brother on the Monday, partly to return family papers but mostly to reminisce about a wonderful man. I'll be staying in a lovely studio apartment, booked through Airbnb, which is in walking distance of the Harry Potter Studio Tour and my original plan for the Tuesday was to stroll over and enjoy the tour again. However, I stupidly left it too late to get a ticket so will get the train to London instead and choose what to do based on the weather, either sightseeing or retail therapy! In the evening I will hopefully be meeting Lady Ella, which may or may not happen depending on factors outside of our control (but if we don't manage to meet this time there will be other opportunites in the future as in whenever I manage to get another Harry Potter Tour ticket!). On the Wednesday I have a ticket to watch a recording of the BBC1 programme 'Pointless' with Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman, and then it's the drive home. I was planning to stay on the Wednesday night as well but now have to be back for an appointment on the Thursday. Despite the HP dissapointment, I'm really looking forward to these few days away.


  1. There is a free HP walking tour which goes from Leicester Square every day https://strawberrytours.com/london/tours/free-harry-potter-tour

  2. Sounds like you have a fairly busy day planned! Your mini break sounds lovely! What a nice way to remember someone special.

  3. Here's hoping! :o)
    Bad news about Harry Potter studios though - I had no idea it was (still) so hard to get tickets. No chance of trying your luck on the day?

    1. I will try that but am not too hopeful!