Saturday, 14 April 2018

All Done!

One very happy little bunny here! The windows are finished and it all looks lovely and I'm happy with my choices. I can feel the benefits already as there are no drafts because the French doors fit and seal properly - hurrah! 

I wasn't such a happy bunny when I was trying to pay for them yesterday. My bank blocked the online transaction even though there was plenty of money in the account. I followed the instructions and phoned them to sort it out only to be told by some idiot in their fraud department that he 'wasn't going to authorise the payment' and asked me to explain what I was buying and to 'justify' why I wanted to buy it! I eventually got myself transferred to a manager who removed the block so that the payment could go through, but she wasn't too forthcoming about why it had happened in the first place. It's something to do with their latest procedures for identifying and preventing fraudulent payments to scammers but if that's the case I think they need a rethink, or the staff need some more training, because I don't agree that the bank can in anyway determine what an account holder chooses to spend their money on so I don't understand the questions I was expected to answer.

Still, enough moaning. It's all paid for now so the next stage is the bathroom and bedroom refurbishment. Before that happens I need to clear out the rest of the stuff for auction/charity shop/skip, so that's this weekend's job. There's not really that much left to go from the house (I'm choosing to forget about the garage for now) so it won't take that long to sort out, ready to load the car on Monday. I'll have plenty of time to relax and, if it brightens up and the mist clears, I hope to get out and take some photos. 

Hope you all enjoy your weekend, whatever your plans may be.


  1. I've had that happen a couple of times so now, when I know there's a big payment coming up, I notify them in advance.
    J x

  2. We actually wait for the call which usually takes @ five minutes. I'm glad you got it sorted. LM x

  3. Glad you can tick another thing off the list. Quite agree with you re. the bank business. The most they need is to be satisfied that you are the account holder, and that you are aware the payment is being made. None of their business what it is for and why. I too would have had my nose put out of joint being subject to such officious questioning!

  4. Glad the work was completed and you are happy with your new windows. Sorry about the bank making it so difficult, though!