Saturday, 21 April 2018

A Typical Saturday

It's always an early start on Saturdays during term time. Before I hurt my knee I was completing a 30 minute walk first thing so that it was over and done with for the day, but since I was given the go ahead to start walking again it's been for a much shorter period and at a snail's pace while I rebuild the strength in that leg. Afterwards it's a quick shower and I get dressed.

The rest of the morning is taken up with the youth band, arriving at 9:30am to set up and finishing at 12:30pm to pack away. We're usually ready to leave by 1pm. The first group of children arrive at 9:45am, the beginners upstairs with me for a 60 minute session and the juniors stay with A for a 90 minute session. At 10:30am the children in the main band arrive and join the juniors for the last 30 minutes of their practice, when the juniors work on the trickier music with the support of the more able children. At 10:45am the beginners are collected by parents and I go downstairs to help with the juniors and main band players. The juniors are collected at 11:15am and then the remaining time is spent working on the main band music. I usually play tenor horn with this band but currently am unable to play because of the problem with my eyes so I'll help where needed. I'm really missing playing with the band so I'll be happy when I'm given the go ahead to start playing again.

After band has finished it is most definitely time for lunch! Occasionally I stay in town and meet with friends but usually go straight home and eat there. I very rarely have plans for the rest of the day  but always find something to do. Photo walks are a favourite choice for a fine day, or I visit friends or family, or sometimes just choose to stay at home and read, or cook, or both. 

Evening are usually spent at home and usually alone, a choice that I'm still happy with. Sometimes I go to see a film or a show, or invite friends or family round but really prefer to spend this time at home on my own. Even if I've been cooking during the afternoon I often treat myself to a takeaway, usually curry, and I'll watch TV, read, or listen to music - usually a bit of all three! When it's warm enough I'll sit outside and am happy to potter about the garden once most of the heat has gone out of the day. It'll be interesting to see if I change my mind about spending this time alone once I've retired and am not meeting as many people during the week.

I know that the advice is to have a regular bedtime but I don't. It can be anything from 10:30pm onwards and often not until the early hours, 1am or 2am. I have a bath before bed and then read for a while before going to sleep. It doesn't seem to matter what time I go to sleep as I only ever manage about four of five hours a night now, so I prefer the later bedtime as I then wake at a more acceptable time in the morning - there's nothing worse that going to sleep early and then being wide awake at 3am with no hope of any more shut eye!


  1. It sounds like a day of opposites. Very busy and also nice and gentle. Enjoyable too - lovely.
    J x

  2. You have a nice routine set up for your Saturdays. Reminds me of the time when my daughter was younger and I had to take her to piano lessons and dance classes on Saturdays, with a trip to the library, afterwards. I'd fit in my grocery shopping and other errands in between! These days, my Saturdays are less structured, but I think a routine will help once I am retired.