Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Back To School

It's the first teaching session after the holiday and, for the first time ever, I am not looking forward to it. Dreading the thought of it, to be honest and I'm hoping I'll be able to snap out of this feeling once I see the children again. A big part of me thinks that with all my decluttering efforts during the holiday, letting things go and making long term plans for a future that doesn't involve teaching, I have already mentally moved on and put the teaching behind me without realising it. I'll have to see how this week goes and then take stock.

It's not such a nice day out there, very windy and a lot colder, so maybe that's affected my mood today. It's the book group meeting tonight, so I can take all of the books I'm donating to the charity shop and pass them on to A. I'll be glad to see the back of them - they've been stacked up in the dining room and every time I've walked past I've managed to knock a book from the pile! 

I'm checking out the possibility of a short break away in May. I don't teach during SATS week so, as in previous years, want to do something special to remember Ced (as it would have been his birthday). I'm still waiting to hear back from his brother and if he's around, then it'll be a few days in Watford. I may even fit in another trip to the Harry Potter Studios! 


  1. I would always vote for another tour of the Harry Potter studios. I think you have nailed exactly what & why you are feeling about returning to teaching this week. It reminds me of a passage I read about "reading" the next chapter(s) in our lives, you've turned the page is a perfect reflective thought. Sending you lots of cheering thoughts as you move through this page.

  2. Hope the first day of back to teaching went off well. Would you bring your retirement date forward, if you could?

    1. Yes probably. However, I'm contracted to the end of this academic year so can't finish before July ... not too long to wait.