Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Best Laid Plans!

I woke up early this morning, excited that the fitters would arrive to start the replacement window installation. Silly me for getting so excited! An early morning phone call informed me that one of the fitters had phoned in sick so the work has been put back and they will now, hopefully, be starting tomorrow. Not too bad in the great scheme of things but I do hope it's not a sign of how all the rest of the home improvement work will progress. 

I'm just frustrated by the delay, short as it should be. I spent yesterday rearranging rooms to allow easy access to all of the windows so the entire house is in a mess, and things have been temporarily moved in such a way that I can't continue with the remainder of the decluttering until order is restored. 

I had an email message wondering why I hadn't mentioned my plans for the garden. It's because I don't have a plan, for this year anyway. This year is all about getting the house finished so I doubt that there will be much in the way of spare cash to spend on the garden. Last year I had the hard landscaping done and then planted a load of annuals either gifted (the cosmos) or bought in the 'let's get rid of these' May sale in one if the local stores, and the garden was really colourful. I'll probably do the same again this time, always assuming my eye problems don't get in the way of the planting - it's still painful to bend and/or look down. 

When the rain stops I'll go out for a (very) short walk this afternoon. I have a couple of letters to post so will venture at least as far as the postbox but may summon up the energy to walk around the marina. I'm feeling a bit stir crazy and could do with some fresh air. I'll just have to hope the knee holds up!


  1. I'm sorry there is a delay, but the one thing I've learned when doing any kind of remodeling is, expect delays! If they estimate it will take 2 weeks, anticipate it to take 3 weeks. That way, if it takes more than 2 weeks, you will be prepared and if it takes less than 3 weeks, you'll be pleased. :) Enjoy your walk and take care of your eye; do only what you feel you can reasonably do.

    1. Thanks Bless. I've pulled myself together and stopped stressing about it now - it'll happen when it happens!

  2. Very frustrating, I agree. One psyches oneself up for this sort of disruption and it's such a let down when it is postponed. My fingers are crossed for you for tomorrow.
    J x

  3. Oh that is frustrating, especially when you have worked to get everything ready ... I like your plan for the garden & after all the work you are doing instead, it will nice to just go sit outside without worrying that something "needs" to be done in the garden. I remember all the photos of your garden from last year & it was a star - only thing it needs this year, is you sitting with a cup of tea & a book. :)