Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Decision Time!

In the end I enjoyed the teaching yesterday afternoon. It was great fun and, as ever when completely focused on a task, the time just flew by. However, I have decided that I will stop teaching in the schools at the end of this academic year. I told the school yesterday and will speak to my Thursday school when I'm there tomorrow. I have already stopped the Friday school. That just leaves the two private pupils to sort out but I've decided that I'll stop teaching them in July as well. It's been a difficult decision but I feel it's the correct one for me. It's time!

I was up early this morning as I'm taking the remaining loads to the auction house. All of the stuff going this time is heavy (Meccano) which is why it'll need more than one journey. I started loading the car and then took a break for breakfast so I just have to pack a bit more in and then I'm off. It's about a 50 minute drive away but at least they will unload it all when I get there.


  1. I always said I would know when the time came and I did. Good for you, taking action and then moving on. If you feel it is the correct thing, then it is.
    Your future will be great!
    J x

  2. That couldn't have been an easy decision. I am sure so many people have benefited from your teaching over the years so well done to all those years of dedicated teaching. Now it's much deserved 'you time'.

  3. A very brave decision & I am sure you wrestled with it day & night. Hoping that now you have decided that weight is lifted & on you go ... we'll be taking a load to the recycle centre very soon along with donating stuff the church garage sale in May.

  4. These sorts of decisions are never easy but once you have made up your mind that its time and have started telling people I'm sure it will make it a little easier.


  5. Best wishes to you as you move forward with steps towards retirement. I hope the transition goes well for you. :)