Friday, 13 April 2018

Organising Cupboards

The windows fitters are here again and are busy doing the downstairs windows and doors. I was amused to see that they have a pink Hetty Hoover - they are my sort of people!

I'm confined to upstairs so it's an ideal opportunity to sort out my playroom. There's lots of filing and shredding to do but for now I'm looking through each cupboard and deciding what I want to keep. When I originally filled the cupboards in this room I kept all the stuff relating to my 'current' hobbies but it's become clear, because I haven't used any of it in the five years I've been in this house, that they're not 'current' and it's time for a lot of that stuff to go.

I did a watercolour course which I thoroughly enjoyed and, although I still have the paints and brushes, it's become clear that I have no real enthusiasm for continuing to develop this skill. My friend, L, is a keen artist and has just joined an art group in Lacock so I'm passing all this stuff on to her.

I've sorted through the shelves of board games and puzzles and have reduced what I'm keeping from two shelves to one shelf. I'll take the rest to the charity shop. That's give me room for my new sewing machine (the old one had it's own case and was too big and heavy to go in the cupboard) so that frees up some floor space as well. I've kept some jigsaw puzzles for now but once I've done them there will be another empty shelf.

The stock of coloured pencils, colouring books and crafting paper has been condensed, and I will donate the excess stock to a local women's refuge. I kept all of this for the children of visitors to use but now they are all growing up they are more interested in playing on the iPad or their phones, so it's best the stuff goes where it is needed. I'll be selling all of the card making stamps, card and embellishments but for now it is staying where it is - at least it is out of the way until I can find the time to deal with it.

Half of one cupboard is filled with the reference books and workbooks required to complete the higher level music theory exams. I was doing well on this but eventually gave up as Ced's illness progressed and my carer's responsibilities had to take priority. Much as I enjoyed it, I no longer need to from a professional point of view - passing the exams would have increased my salary but as I'm virtually retired and am no longer working for that company, it doesn't seem worth the effort. That stuffs staying where it is for the time being but I will eventually sell it all. The rest of the cupboard holds boxes of photographs and all things photographic so, of course, that's all staying. 

The final cupboard is filled with the family tree research (keeping), and my filing system. I say 'system' but it's actually piles of paperwork that desperately needs to be sorted and filed/shredded as appropriate. I can't put it off any longer, so that's my next job.

Hope you all have a good day.  


  1. Its amazing how much you can accumulate in a very short space of time. Filing and sorting are all ways those jobs you think you will get around to and then when it comes to it you think there is always tomorrow and then tomorrow never comes. I am definitely one who stock piles paperwork usually in a redundant carrier bag but it usually means I can find what I'm looking for in a lot less time than if its filed away somewhere. D always laughs at my filing system at considering my day job, but as I keep telling him we've gone digital in the office so there is no filing.

    Hope everything gets finished for you today so that you can enjoy your weekend.


    1. Thanks Mitzi. It's on schedule to finish today so fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong at the last minute.

  2. Good luck! I remember when I sorted out my paperwork after I retired. The shredder was red hot at times and the bags of shredded paper greatly contributed to the paper recycling! It's lovely and very satisfying when it is all done though.
    Hope it's going well.
    J x

    1. A lot of it is to do with teaching ideas that I never got round to using myself so, once I get my act together, I should be able to get rid of the bulk of it quite quickly ... and luckily no need to shred any of that. I'm on top of personal papers thankfully, and the rest is to do with band - that all needs a good sort out and will put the shredder to good use.

  3. Sounds like you are making the best use of your time while the window fitters are busy, downstairs! I, too, have a lot of crafts supplies to sort through! Mostly fabric, but a lot of other things, too. I think I will wait until I retire to get rid of anything, because that's when I hope to have the time to actually sit down and do some of this stuff I keep planning and wanting to do! We'll see how well that works out!

    Hope the work gets completed by the end of the day and you have a good weekend.

  4. You really have had a good sort.