Friday, 30 May 2014

May Photo Scavenger Hunt

I haven't completed a photo scavenger hunt for ages ... a quick check and the last time was December 2013 so that probably explains why I found this one so challenging.  Enjoyable but challenging!

Many thanks to Greenthumb for organising it and if you want to see any of the other entries just click here.

L is for Lighthouse. This is the lighthouse at Trevose Head in Cornwall.
It took me ages to find and I eventually arrived at the same time as a sea
mist so only managed some hasty photos before the mist blocked the
entire view
7pm ... well 7 o'clock anyway.  Taken at a festival in Lostwithiel, the stall
holder very kindly changed the time for me to take this photo!

left ... seen on a signpost in Fowey, Cornwall.

gadget ... GPS used for the first time on my recent holiday to Cornwall, it got me there and
back in one piece and, well let's just say there were some interesting routes around my holiday destinations!

puzzle ... one of the puzzles in the Mind Games app on my iPad

letter ... the letter 'Q' - one of the mooring rings
on the quay at Mevagissey
reflection ... taken at Mevagissey 
fresh ... a fresh mushroom - I stopped in the middle of cooking my breakfast to take this one!
tiny ... tiny gypsophila flowers, part of the bouquet I
was given by one of my schools.
hidden ... a hidden geocache, tucked away behind
a noticeboard

demolition ... I failed on this one.  This is actually the aftermath of the demolition at my sister's house, which happened when I was on holiday.  You can see the new extension on the left of the photo.
antique ... an antique camera, part of Ced's collection.
I'm not sure that it is old enough to qualify as an antique but
it's the best I could do!


  1. Some terrific shots here Eileen, especially the Cornish scenes and the mooring ring is inspired. I found this month challenging too (as every month, ha!) Think I will also fail on Demolition. Hope to see you next month.

  2. These were great photos, Eileen! Yay for you for asking the stall keeper to change the time on the clock and to him/her for doing so! That's going above and beyond! I loved the mist drifting over the water to your beautiful lighthouse. It's good to see you back!

  3. Thanks so much for taking part in this months scavenger hunt, it's great to see you back. I really like your photos of letter, reflection,and fresh. Greenthumb

  4. You rose to the challenge beautifully! I love your interpretation of letter and the light house is making me all exited about our own Cornwall holiday in July. I am also inspired by your close shots of the gypsophyla flowers and the mushroom. x

  5. Well worth waiting for :) Excellent selection. The approaching mist emphasizes the importance of the lighthouse, and what an exceptional shot! Also was most impressed with the Q on the Quay ~ really enjoyed all of your photos, and hopefully will see your June results as well!

  6. Beautiful photographs :) Very clever photo for 'letter' and I also really love the gypsophilia against the bright pink background. Stunning!

  7. These are stunning photos! I just love the letter Q - what great lateral thinking! And the bottom of the mushroom makes such an interesting picture. Brilliant!

  8. Beautiful reflection and I like the lighthouse and your Q too. Great find for hidden, I struggled with that one!

  9. Wow, there are some amazing photos here, particularly letter, fresh and tiny. My favourites though are reflection and the lighthouse. x

  10. Fabulous photos here but my faves, if I have to have faves, are Lighthouse....stunning! Love the Q and reflection. Suzy x

  11. Lovely shots -It's nice to have you back on the scavenger hunt trail. Love the reflection one:)

  12. These were Amazing photos!!! The Q was so clever and I was so excited about the Geocache- I went searching for one at Christmas last year but it was too well hidden!! The lighthouse is stunning! Wish mine was so evocative! X

  13. Love the letter Q, totally inspired. The clock is great as well. Really nice selection.

  14. What a lovely set of photos! Reflection is gorgeous and letter is very clever

  15. Wow your photos are great, I love your lighthouse and reflexion photos they are beautiful.