I'm Following a Tree | November 2015

With my 'better late than never' hat on, here's my tree following post which is over a week late and I've missed the link up! 

As you can see, it has dropped most of its leaves.  A few are still clinging on for dear life ...
but the majority of them form a blanket on the ground around the base of the tree.

Most of the seeds have been dispersed but there are plenty of the male catkins still holding their seeds.  I don't know if this means that they've missed their chance for this year or whether they will continue to release their seeds through the rest of autumn.
I don't know if the tree is confused by the mild weather but there are also fully formed female catkins ...
... and lots of buds. Maybe this is normal, but I hope the colder winter weather to come doesn't kill them all off.

 A photo of the bark - my favourite part of the tree.

  And the view up through the canopy, now devoid of its leaves.

Thanks to Lucy @ Loose and Leafy for creating this meme and to Pat @ The Squirrelbasket for taking it on while Lucy sorts out her computer problems.


  1. That is interesting about the buds; I too hope they don't freeze. Tree looks so much more barren than months before.


  2. Good morning Eileen, Excellent follow the tree and then see it with new shoots, leaves and flowers. A very interesting entertainment! Now, autumn, also has its beauty and I loved your photos! Splendid! Hugs.

  3. Don't worry about the buds, trees are very resilient things and this is totally normal! The bark really is beautiful on your tree isn't it! xx

  4. No problem! I will add a link for you into the November post.
    It's still a super tree!
    All the best in your retirement :)

  5. Silver birches are one of my favourite trees. The bark is so beautiful, and your tree is still interesting this time of year with buds and catkins.


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