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Me on Monday ... is a lady of leisure, taking it easy and enjoying the peace and quiet. This is the first day in this new stage of life where my routine is obviously different.  Last Monday I was working in two different schools teaching flute, clarinet and recorders, and today I'm at home with nothing planned at all.  I deliberately didn't make plans for today because I didn't want to rush into anything, opting to take time over the next few days to see how I feel about things and deal with how I'm feeling.
Well today actually started quite late - I slept in until just before 9 o'clock, which is unusual for me as I usually wake up around 6 o'clock.  Probably the result of a busy weekend - band etc., on Saturday and yesterday was taken up with a photo walk in the afternoon and a quiz in the evening. With one exception it was a good weekend; lots of chat with friends, having time to take photos, discovering a new café which served the most wonderful cakes and which is now noted for future visits, and making plans for future meetings with friends.  So, I went to the quiz feeling pleasantly tired but relaxed and came home feeling uptight and completely out of sorts.  There was a group of five of us in the quiz team (4 regulars and 1 new one) but the behaviour of two of them ruined the evening, not only for me but for one of the other ladies as well. These two were sitting at opposite ends of the table and spent the entire evening talking shouting to each other in such a way that you could tell they thought they were being amusing but were actually being extremely annoying.  They were so loud that we missed a lot of the questions and they wouldn't respond to polite requests to listen when the questions were being asked. So not a very enjoyable evening and I think that if it happens again next month, I'll try to find another quiz team to join.
This all meant that I woke this morning in a strange mood, just a bit down but not enough to worry about.  I eventually got my act together and left the house to do today's errands - post a parcel, buy some printer ink (why does it always run out when you have something important and urgent to print?), and then some shopping in Sainsburys where I was pottering about the aisles when I had to stop myself from bursting into tears: I don't know why, but probably the anti-climax after finishing work and the frustration about the quiz night mixed in with being tired, and then the horror of the events in Paris which has affected everyone this weekend.  Anyway, I took some time out in the café to calm down and pull myself together, and then finished my shopping and came on home. I've felt like my normal self ever since, so that release of emotions was obviously something that my body needed.
One of my blogging friends is challenging herself to try something new everyday for a year.  Whilst I don't think I can manage a whole year, I do plan to mark the first month of my retirement by doing my own version of that challenge; either something new, or reintroduce things that I haven't done for ages. They are only going to be small things, nothing expensive.  On Saturday it was a first time thing when I played the main melody in the Christmas carols (usually I play part 3, but on Saturday I was asked to help out on part 1 - I've played the main melody before with the band but this is the first time ever on the carols!!).  On Sunday I explored Marlborough town centre;  I've been there a few times but never strayed from the main high street, but yesterday I ventured down lots of the alleyways and side roads.  Today, I've reintroduced the Telegraph crossword to my life.  We used to do this every day but stopped when Ced's illness progressed and he became too tired to bother with it.  I don't know that I'll do it every day but, so far I've enjoyed the challenge of puzzling out the answers. If you can solve any of the clues in the photo at the top of this post, please feel free to post the answer in the comments - I'm not too proud to ask for help!   
Tomorrow I'm off to the cinema to see The Lady in the Van, and on Thursday I'm going to see an NT Live screening of 'Of Mice and Men', both of which I'm really looking forward to. Hope you all have a good week.
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  1. That would be fun to try something new every day for a month or a year. Your plans to do it sound fun :) I would imagine there would be lots of emotions tied into this new path of your life; its a change and while its a good change it still comes with the feelings that changes can provoke in some people. Good to recognize that, work through it, and even shed a tear or two in the process :)


  2. I would imagine that it is inevitable that your emotions will be labeled for a while. It is a big change in your life. Oh heck I am beginning to sound like an agony aunt! The quiz team do sound annoying. It is very irritating when people don't get what you are about. Good luck with the new something every day.

  3. Sorry: the only crosswords I'm any good at are the General Knowledge ones (and even then only if they have plenty of history questions!)

    Did I ever tell you my Dad taught recorder for many years and even used to make his own instruments? TSO loves to play from his collection. Tho the recorder and the flute have taken a big back seat since the serious exams started.

    Your emotions are bound to be all over the place. I'd be more surprised if they weren't. Be good to yourself!

    1. It's alright, I've finished the crossword now.

      Have you made any scrapbook pages about your Dad's recorders? If so, please can we see them?

  4. I can manage most of the crossword in a downmarket paper but am useless at the 'clever' ones. Your emotions are bound to be up and down now you've retired. It's always difficult to leave one stage of our lives behind and head into another - fear of the unknown. My Mum discovered she was a lot busier when she retired than she had been at work! Have a good and relaxing week x

  5. Sometimes we get so busy doing and doing and sail through the actual happening of something and it isn't until afterwards that all of the emotion and stress catch up with us. I expect that is what happened to you. You will move onwards and upwards and on to great things though I am sure! Take your time and it will come - as I am sure you know already! xx

  6. Glad you are feeling better now. I know that feeling you describe and it makes me feel quite vulnerable/lost. As to your month of trying new/old things - sounds great! Let us know what you think of the Lady in the Van. I've seen the play and read about her in one of the Bennett memoirs. I have also seen the trailers for the film and wasn't sure whether to go or not. I'm impressed by your crossword prowess; my dad is a big fan of crypic crosswords - alas I have not inherited a great deal of his talent in this department!

  7. So much on your plate, no wonder you had moments of being over whelmed & those two from the your quiz night, well that kind of behaviour is not funny & really not necessary. I had lots of teary moments over the world news this weekend, I finally had to stop watching/listening to the news. One of my sisters likes to do crosswords, I am not good at them at all, but I do like word searches. I like your friend's self challenge of doing something new everyday - I couldn't do it every day, but that's why Mr Man & I had our Summer Manifesto of Doing. Hope you enjoy your outings this week.

  8. I love that your trying the something new challenge. I seriously am loving it. Sometimes the newness just happens and then some times I'm sitting around in the evenings thinking "What Can I Do". Let me just tell you, it's really pushed me outside my comfort zone several times but it's been awesome for my depression!

    I'm glad your feeling better- I'm sure you are on an emotional rollercoaster but it will all line up as it is supposed to in time. Just be nice to yourself and allow yourself time to process ALL your feelings!!!!

  9. Change can bring emotional release or unsettled feelings so I am sure this is part of letting go of your old life a move into the new and unknown. I'm glad a trip to the café helped and sorry to hear about the quiz night. Some people are very inconsiderate, if you want to talk go somewhere else, not to where people are listening and concentrating and working as a team!
    Be gentle with yourself Eileen, I'm sure you will find your own rhythm but it will take time. A long time, because there will be shifts and adjustments, but all in a good cause.
    After my 30 day Blogging Challenge I have decided to adapt this approach for other things. I'm also planning micro adventures throughout 2016 - a new year always gives me focus and inspiration to do new things or make change. Like a tree shedding it's leaves ready for new ones to grow. I'm off to find out more about the challenges your blog friend has set herself.
    Enjoy your day and week and I look forward to hearing more about the things that you do.

  10. I've just looked at your cross word. 1 across is 'TEAM MEMBER' only make that two of them! lol


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