Saturday, 7 November 2015

The Year in Books | November 2015

I honestly thought I'd read more books this month, but it turns out that I have actually only read two, which is a surprise as I seem to have been reading all the time.  Obviously not!
I can probably put this down to the book group choice for October, which was The Well by Catherine Chanter and which took me absolutely ages to read even though it isn't a particularly long story.  I can't really say I enjoyed this book and I had to make myself keep reading it.  I loved some of the descriptive writing but didn't think any of the characters were particularly well drawn and I didn't engage with them at all.  In particular, I didn't like the main character who, to me, just came across as completely selfish.  Also a lot of the back events just seemed to have been included to provide red herrings to the main story line.  I guessed 'who done it' quite early on and was expecting a twist near the end, but there wasn't one! It's not a book I'd recommend.
To make up for that one, my own choice for the month was Personal by Lee Child. If you've read any of Lee Child's books before, you know what you're getting and this one followed the usual formula and didn't disappoint. 
My November reads are:
Sending thanks to Laura at Circle of Pine Trees for organising this monthly link up.  


  1. I read on another blog that today is National Book Lovers Day :)

    It is hard to get into a book if it doesn't draw me in by page 20. I guess it would be good though to have to continue reading something you might not be fond of, like the book for the book club; reminds me of those times in school when we would have to.

    Right now I'm reading The Heart is a Lonely Hunter; trying to get through my actual books rather than reading on the tablet to pass them on before we move next month.


  2. I have been looking for a new list of books - so thank you for sharing yours, I will check out what I can get at our local library. I think I have been in a reading rut for a few weeks now.

  3. Good that at least one of your books was a good read! I hope that you enjoy your next choices. xx