Me on Monday

Me on Monday ... tucked up in the warm and pottering about at home.
My 'new thing' for today is a new piano piece, which I've never played before and which, if I'm totally honest, I still can't play.  It isn't going well! I'm not giving up on it (well, I have for today) and so far I've sorted about half of it but that part still need more practice.  At least I've started playing the piano again which is one of the things I want in my life.
It was a quiet, not doing much sort of weekend.  After band practice on Saturday morning, I didn't leave the house again.  Julie called a couple of times to drop off more of her stuff and for me to print out a document that was needed urgently, but apart from that I spent the time alone ... thinking and planning!
My first week of retirement has made me realise that I need to learn to say 'no' to people, otherwise all this extra time isn't going to benefit me.  I don't mind helping out in an emergency but I don't want to be a regular babysitter (for a friend's grandchild) or get up early every day to provide a taxi service to a neighbour's son!  I did manage to say 'no' to those two requests but lately, conversations seem to be full of other people's ideas of what to do with my time (which in some way seems to benefit them!) but with no real understanding of what I do actually want to do.  With that in mind, I'm adding a couple of activities into my week - joining the adult recorder players on Wednesday mornings, and having a go at line dancing (provided there's a place for me in the group) on Thursdays.
As for this week, I don't have much on which I'm secretly relieved about now that the cold frosty mornings are with us - I'll be out with my camera hoping for some interesting photos.  Oh, and there's a special birthday celebration as well!  Hope you all have a good week.
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  1. I am glad your first week of retirement has gone ok and that you have found your way back to your piano. I smiled at the idea of everyone finding you activities that benefit them. Enjoy your next week.

  2. I bet with practice you'll have that piece down for the piano in no time :)


  3. What a good honest warning that is! It's sort of funny, that other people think you might need help filling your time. But I'm sure it wears very thin very quickly. I can remember my GP last year saying she envied anyone who could make things or gardened or took photos and that when she retired she'd have to learn how to keep herself busy. I wonder how she's doing..

    Have a good week Eileen

  4. I like the photo of your piano keys. I once read that, No is a complete sentence & No is not the start of a discussion (or argument). As women, we are raised/trained to be people pleasers so No is a difficult word for us. I hope you have a good week ahead of you & that your days are filled with the things/places/adventures you want.

  5. Did they seriously present those chores/requests as "opportunities"? Sounds rather cheeky to me! I like it when people feel able to approach me for help, which I'm always happy to provide, but I don't like being treated as a doormat!
    Good luck tinkling the ivories and I'm looking forward to your wintry photo experiments.

    1. The babysitting was certainly a serious suggestion as my friend (the grandma) is struggling to keep up with all the requests to look after the child and she thought I'd like to help out!!

  6. Well done for starting a new piano piece, I rarely play the piano now - may be I should. Also keep up with saying no, I found when I retired I had to say no quite a lot as my life was being organised for me, I had plenty I wanted to do without others suggestions! Enjoy the rest of the week Eileen.

  7. Glad you are taking time to enjoy the piano again. Good for you with saying 'no', otherwise what is retirement? Work often means having to do what you would prefer not to do, retirement is for you. I hope you enjoy it.

  8. Oh! how I hear what you are saying! I got truly fed up of folks asking me what I do all day!!!! Im glad you are learning to say no, keep it up. Love that you are learning a new piano piece too.

  9. Good luck with the piano practice Eileen. I was warned that other people might have ideas for my time now I no longer work full time but I'm pleased to say that hasn't happened for me. My daughter has rarely asked us to help with childcare and this hasn't changed. Good that you are able to say no. It's nice to help occasionally but your time is yours to do what you want, I love the freedom this gives me and I'm sure you will say the same. Enjoy the line dancing and recorder, glad to hear you are filling your days with nice things.


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