Monday, 7 March 2016

Memorandum Monday

I'm waving to you all on Monday morning after a busy few day filled with new experiences.

On Wednesday night I went with Julie to see a Scottish folk/rock group at the local music centre.  I'd never heard of them before (we picked them from the 'what's on' booklet because we liked the sound of their name!), so actually seeing them was a first for me.  They were brilliant, so hopefully it's not the last time I get to see them live.

From Thursday's activities I have two very different new experiences to tell you about.  I had an appointment with the Psychology  Department at the University of Bath, where I'd agreed to take part in a research study being organised by a second year student, looking into the differences between young and mature people and their attitudes towards savings.  I was to be paid £10 for taking part but at the end of the study every participant was offered the chance of gambling that £10; as I didn't have the money before I walked into the lab I took the chance that I'd leave with nothing and opted to gamble, so I happily walked out of the lab with the grand total of £30 clutched in my hand and a big grin on my face - not bad for 1 hour of my time!
That £30 didn't make it home though, well not all of it.  I stopped off at The Bridge Tea Rooms in Bradford on Avon for one of their afternoon teas.  It the first time I've ever been inside and certainly the first time I've eaten there.  I have to say it was a lovely experience, gorgeous food served on pretty china by waitresses dressed as Victorian maids.  This was my choice from the menu and it's also one of the photos for the scavenger hunt (No 14. | afternoon tea):
On Saturday there was another first for me - the first time I've seen a live performance of one of Matthew Bourne's ballets.  I went to see his production of Sleeping Beauty at The Hippodrome in Bristol and loved every single minute of the show. There definitely has to be lots more visits to watch live ballets in my future!

I hope you've all had a good week and have lots of exciting things planned for this week. 
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  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed Sleeping Beauty - I am going to see it here in Norwich this Thursday. Love their productions and am looking forward to it. Afternoon Tea looked scrummy, yet to have that pleasure!

  2. what a lovely few days you have had - I love Mathew Bourne, glad you enjoyed his work too

  3. Sounded like great adventures; especially coming up with that extra money for a bit of gambling :)


  4. That psychology experiment sounds interesting..I wonder how many of the participants took the money and ran and how many gambled and was it related to age?

    We'd love to see the ballet. When I was a little girl my uncle promised he would take me to the Bristol Hippodrome, but we never got and ever since I've wondered what it's like inside.

    Have a good week Eileen

  5. Lovely afternoon tea. I like your volunteer testing much better than anything I have volunteered for - all they ever took from me was blood :( Hope you have a great week ahead.

  6. The experiment sounds interesting! I wonder what your decision to gamble did for their results! xx

  7. I wonder whether that students wants anymore volunteers. Sounds interesting! Well done on the afternoon tea. Did you eat all that?

    1. From what she said, she had all the volunteers she needed (40 young, 40 over 55s). No I didn't eat all of the tea in one sitting. It was too much, but they packed the rest in a box for me to take home.