Thursday, 17 March 2016


Not only am I a day late with my photo's for Helena's SNAP! link up but I'm not sure that I've stuck to the rules this time.  They are not really a visual set, more of a sequence.

Anyway, I was loaned a Wentworth jigsaw puzzle - one of the ones with the 'whimsey' shapes.  I haven't done one of these before so it was interesting to see how well it was packed with all the puzzle pieces secured in a drawstring bag.

And no need to sort out all the straight edges because, in this type of puzzle, a straight edge doesn't mean it is one of the actual edge pieces.  I did sort out some of the 'whimsey' pieces though.

Then, completely against the rules (the family rules that is!), I started in the middle of the picture.  We were brought up to finish the sky first, which I now realise was to make us do the boring part of the puzzle first so that we didn't lose interest and Mum didn't end up having to finish the puzzle on her own.  

Here's the finished puzzle. 

A very different puzzling experience as all the pieces are different shapes and it made a pleasant change. As it was only 250 pieces it didn't take long to do so I'm off to search for more examples and see if they hopefully make much bigger ones.


  1. I remember my first experience with one of them and the confusion of straight edges being in the middle - a lovely picture and the whimsy shapes are fun

  2. I like your mom's philosophy to do the sky first; that was always the last part in puzzles we did and as I grew into adulthood, I learned to look for puzzles with less sky :)

    Very nicely done with this puzzle; those shapes would have been interesting to match together. Good for the brain I bet!


  3. I have to start with the edge as I just cannot do a puzzle otherwise! No idea why!! It is a great picture isn't it! xx

  4. I haven't done one of these. It looks very interesting. I must have a go at one of them. I think it makes a fine choice for Snap.

  5. Cute Snap collection. I think doing this sort of puzzle would take lots of patience. Well done you.

  6. Great puzzle! I love doing jigsaw puzzles, but have just got rid of all of mine since I realized I hadn't put any of them together for many, many years. It's the lack of table space that's the problem. One day I'll get back into them I know :)

  7. With that great big bus I'd have started there too. What a neat set of photos - a nice slice of life for you.

    I do puzzles - but usually on the ipad these days.

  8. I love puzzles....I have never seen one with the "whimsy" pieces before. I would have done the edges first(despite the extra straight edges pieces to annoy!!) then tackled the bus next! Hmmm...I have been seeing lots of puzzle apps...maybe I should try one!