Thursday, 3 March 2016

Winter Photography Scavenger Hunt | Around Bath

I had an appointment in Bath today (which I'll write about on Monday), so I made the effort to go earlier and take some more photos for the scavenger hunt.
First up are some examples for No 13 | street art. As you'd expect, Bath has quite a posh approach to street art!  The first one is a trompe l'oeil window in Grove Street.  The window would have been bricked up as a result of the Window Tax but the painting of the Victorian gentleman wasn't added until some time in the 1980s/1990s.

The other three examples were found in Walcot Street. There is a long line of these tiny heads, carved out of Bath stone, running along one side of the street but due to the busy traffic these  were the only two it was safe to photograph today.

You can see how small they are in the next photo - there is one immediately to the right of the large artwork. The large framed piece of street art is my favourite.
Next, two examples for No 19 | a fountain.  The first one is also to be found in Walcot  Street and is the Ladymead Fountain and horse trough, and the second one, awaiting restoration, is in Laura Place.

The final ones for today are for No 17 | a ladder, a serendipitous find in Laura Place.

This leaves me with six more to post photos of - your favourite pudding, a fancy button, afternoon tea, candle light, and an example of my handwriting - all of which I have photos for.  The one I'm struggling with is a windy day, which is proving to be very elusive so I may have to use one of the alternative options in its place.


  1. Great pictures! I think the one that will be hard for me is a robin redbreast, unless I find a picture of it somewhere out and about to take a picture of it. Going to wrap this up this weekend with the remaining pictures :)


  2. Now that is two things I have never seen in Bath. The painted "window" and those little sculptures. Well found. I gues you knew they were there.

    1. I knew where the painted window was, and I'd read about the little sculptures but didn't know where they were so I was surprised to find them when I was looking at the framed piece of art - to be honest, if they hadn't been that close to the frame I probably wouldn't have spotted them (I was parked illegally so was in a rush to take the photo before I was caught by the traffic warden).

  3. These are great Eileen, I love architecture and was impressed by the beautiful horse trough. I had to smile at the ladders on the roof, I loved the reflection in the screen. And the street art is interesting - I especially liked the window with the Victorian gentleman. I need to check my collection. I made great strides in the first few weeks and only had to take another couple but lost momentum. I am poking myself to get started again!

  4. Wonderful finds. I particularly like the horse trough fountain. I can just imagine the horses at that trough, taking a long draw on some refreshing water.

  5. Grand finds, Eileen. A windy day is difficult, each photo I have taken doesn't work - even the washing blowing on the line looked like a tangled mess! Your street art finds are wonderful!

  6. Brilliant choices.
    I love Bath, but I have never seen any of those places. The window painting is amazing - I assume the faded sign above it is original but might not have been spotted without the artwork below it.
    And those heads look like they should be gargoyle-sized - I'm amazed you noticed them, too.
    We have had lots of windy days here - all you need to show it is a good tree - or, if it's wet as well, someone with an umbrella blowing inside-out. Plenty of those litter the streets here!
    All the best for your next few pix :)