Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Busy Doing Nothing

It's a day at home for me today which is just as well because it is bitterly cold out there. I don't 'do' cold! The heating has been turned back up and I'm snuggled up in a comfort blanket as I type this, but I'm still shivering and desperately hoping that it isn't another bout of the dreaded lurgy.

I'm waiting in for a delivery, due either today or tomorrow, of something special for my garden and once it's here and planted I'll do the photos to show you what's been happening in the garden. Does this cold spell mean that I should hold back on the planting until the weather improves?

We had plenty of rain last night so the garden has had the watering it deperately needed. I could hear a constant dripping and eventually tracked it down to a leak where the down pipe connects to the gutter so that's something else I need to get sorted, but will hopefully be the last 'outside' thing demanding money for a while. 

I'd planned to get on with the sorting/decluttering (I'm just doing little bits at a time to nibble away   at the seemingly endless number of boxes still to clear) but have decided instead on a doing-nothing-except-reading-eating-and-relaxing day. It feels like a much better use of my time!


  1. Oh I do hope that lurgy is gone gone gone. Decluttering tasks can over whelm me so quickly, so I agree nibbling away is better than trying to do chunks & give up. Not sure about you, but I often wonder who or how all this stuff got into my house. Cannot wait to see the garden.

  2. I don't think it's a lurgy. I think it's the weather. It's that kind of cold that creeps round and under doors.

  3. Best not plant anything until this cold snap has passed. There's going to be a frost tonight, so keep things covered if you can.

  4. Well, jealous of your rain but not of the leaky downpipe. Was going to answer the frost question but it's already been done - been bringing various stuff inside these last few evenings. It has been bone-chillingly cold here; fleecy jimjams and two blankets over the duvet. Gosh! I keep thinking I'm sickening but no - just hayfever and shivers in coexistence... Hope you've enjoyed your pottering day and that the delivery has arrived safe and sound. Can't wait to see!