Sunday, 23 April 2017

A Photo An Hour | Saturday 22nd April 2017

Organised by Louise @ duck in a dress and Jane @ is that you darling, yesterday was the day chosen to take a photo an hour throughout the day.

7 am (ish) | my day started at silly o'clock. I'd been awake and pottering about for a couple of hours before I remembered to take a photo for 'a photo an hour'.

8 am | in the middle of doing the previous night's washing up. I'd been too tired to bother with it after a great evening with friends who came round to see the progress on the garden, and which went on a lot later than any of us had planned! 

9 am | I've been shopping (ran out of bread!) and have just finished putting it all away. This is my current favourite owl shopping bag hanging on the door handle to remind me to put it back in the car.

10 am | out in the garden, filling the gaps at the edge of the new paving with pebbles. The pebbles were in the garden before and were bagged up and stored in the garage, so this was a simple job and I managed to get about half of it done - I'll need some help from my nephew to finish it as I can't reach/move the remaining bags of pebbles.

11 am | L, the landscaper is back to finish off the grouting - his last job in the garden. This is a sneak preview for you ... I'll do a proper post about it later in the week.

12 pm | moving some of the empty pots out of the garage where they've been stored. 

1 pm | waiting for the kettle to boil and indulging in an after lunch maple and pecan danish pastry - my reward to myself for working in the garden in the morning!

2 pm | playing 'word with friends' on the iPad.

3 pm | back out in the garden enjoying the sunshine and taking some photos - here's the shadow of some leaves against the fossilised ones in the stone and the (out of focus!) green ones in the front!

4 pm | looking for ideas for planting.  I'm hitting the local garden centres today (Sunday).

5 pm | relaxing on the sofa with a coffee and my latest book.

I fell asleep so missed the photos for 6 pm and 7 pm!

8 pm | the final job in the garden - watering the plants. 

This was the final photo for the day. I had a soak in the bath and then planned to read in bed but actually fell asleep and slept through the entire night, not waking until 6 o'clock this morning.

Plans for today include meeting J for breakfast at the newly refurbished Leyker's Coffee Bar in town and then a potter round the local garden centres. 

Many thanks to Louise and Jane for organising this monthly link up.


  1. I have a bag like that - I love it. It holds more than you expect!
    J x

    1. I'm not sure where else to put this, but I feel I need to warn people what has happened to me. I always love it when I come across another Joy, so, dear Joy, I started to follow your blog and as it is your birthday I went to leave a comment to wish you a happy day. However, I had a pop-up which warned me that I was about to visit a website that offered pornography and I had the option of continue or cancel - naturally I chose cancel, but the website came up anyway and I was confronted with an absolutely horrible vision. I Xd as quickly as I could and then told GM (my other half) what had happened. He seems to think that somehow or other your account has been hacked, Joy, and I have no idea what to suggest. So sorry to give you this news on your birthday, just trying to prevent others from having a similar experience.

    2. I'm fairly sure that Joy is aware of the problem but thanks for mentioning it Joy. I understand that sentence even if others struggle!

      Does GM have any idea how the problem can be resolved?

    3. 'Fraid not, Eileen, he doesn't work with Microsoft equipment.

  2. This was a fun look at your day! Love the peek at your new patio, and looking forward to seeing those pots filled with plants!

  3. What an early start! Lovely pics - enjoy planting out those huge pots!

  4. All looks good! Garden looking great and good fun planning what goes in. Save me a pecan Danish and I will be round for a game of scrabble! P.S Do you allow pram or does it have to be perambulator?!

  5. Your patio looks marvelous - cannot wait to see the rest of it.

  6. This was a fun post to read through your day. You're a busy gal! I particularly liked Hours 6 & & pm ha ha! I have the same problem, but it usually hits me when I'm zonked after a full day and just sit down in front of the TV around 9 pm ... zzzzzzzZZZzzzzz! Looking forward to the patio reveal :)