Friday, 28 April 2017

Looking Forward

I've been thinking carefully about my short, medium and long term plans. I'm glad I took the time to do this as I feel extremely positive about how things are going.

In the short term, my focus has to be to recover from the depression. I know that it will be so easy to just hide away at home but that won't help me at all, so I've arranged a few treats to look forward to ... not as many as I'd normally do but I don't want to overload myself and I can always add extra if and when my health improves. The special treat I'm most looking forward to is a return visit to the Harry Potter tour at Warner Bros Studios, this time accompanied by a fellow Potterhead friend. With another friend I've booked tickets to see Keith James singing the songs of Leonard Cohen and I'll also be going on a day trip to Lichfield later in the year on my own.

In addition to these, band practice resumes this week after the Easter break (which I'm really looking forward to) and I'll still do the weekly walking with L, the monthly book group, plus we're also trying to find a local pub quiz we can all do. I have another week's holiday in May (as I don't teach during the UK SATS week) and Ced's birthday falls during this week so, in celebration of his life, I plan to visit Bristol to see the sights using the tourist bus and to revisit SS Great Britain. Other possibilities include a trip to see Chester/tour of the Manchester ship canal, and maybe a short stay in London but I'll  need to feel a lot better before I fork out the money for these.  

For the medium term, my focus is on the home.  I'm hoping to get the third bedroom decorated in the very near future (just waiting for the date to be confirmed), followed by my bedroom, the en-suite and the family bathroom. This sounds a lot but my involvement is limited to choosing the tiles etc and paying for it! Completion of these rooms just leaves the hall, stairs & landing, and then the living room to be done, which means that the entire house will then be finished. I'm aiming to get it all done within the next year to 18 months .... it feels really exciting to write that! I'd originally committed to an additional four years of part time teaching to finance the work I wanted to do on the house and garden so, if things go according to plan I will still have 18 months to two years left to do after the work on the house is finished which will give me the opportunity to save all the income from the teaching for future holidays etc.

Long term plans are still a bit hazy, except that I hope to be able to retire completely once my teaching commitments are over and to start doing some travelling. Most of the places I want to see are in the UK, but I do have a few special foreign holiday destinations in mind as well.


  1. Eileen these all sound like marvelous activities - especially the return visit to Harry Potter Warner Bros tour (so envious). Depression is such a liar & thief, remember don't pay attention to "him" & I think your plans will aid in your recovery, but isn't that the great thing about plans, we can change our minds at any time & make some new ones. Cheering you on.

  2. I'd love a trip to Harry Potter. Must look up the details.
    J x

  3. Great strategies! Lots to look forward to. When the last workman leaves that will feel like another hurdle cleared, and the advent of warmer days will help too no doubt :o) Go Eileen! Whoop Whoop!

  4. It sounds like you've formed an excellent plan.

  5. I hope that all will be well for you. Having things to look forward to and focus on is a great help.