Saturday, 29 April 2017

A Garden Update

Okay, it's time to show you what I've been up to in the garden, starting at the back of the house. All of these photos are a few days old, and since they were taken pots have been moved (although still not planted up!) and some of the new plants are now in the soil.

This is taken from the dining room side of the house, looking down the garden. Where you can see trellis I will eventually plant white climbing roses and in some of the planting pockets I now have the summer snowflakes (white/green) and the dwarf phlox (pink/green). I haven't decided on the rest of the plants to fill out this side of the garden yet, but I'm open to ideas. I'd like to end up with some winter interest and I'd like to stick to pinks, reds, whites and lilacs, with yellow being added with the spring bulbs.

This is taken from the same position but looking across the back of the house. The clematis looks a bit poorly but is actually doing well despite being moved and replanted in a pot. I thought it had died when it was uprooted in one of the winter storms, but since being re-potted it seems to have a new lease of life. The gardener has advised me to leave it alone for this growing season so that it can re-establish its roots and then look to cut out the dead growth and fix it to the trellis ready for next year. 

I'm standing by the honeysuckle which grows over the fence from my neighbour's garden to take this photo. This is the space where I'll have some seating but I haven't decided what I want yet. 

And this is the space behind the garage.  If you look carefully you can see the delivery I was waiting for peeping out from between the bins - a crabapple tree, Malus Royal Beauty. It's planted in the bed roughly where the stick is. This has been chosen not only for it's size (10 feet at full maturity) but because it provides year round interest as it tends to retain its fruit through the winter and therefore attracts the birds. The fruits on this variety are not very big so can't really be put to a culinary use. In the bed where the tree is planted I will probably add some ornamental grasses and also some decorative stones to create a rockery, which will be planted up with some alpines.

In the bed by the fence there'll be some evergreen shrubs. I haven't decided on the varieties yet, only that they will have white flowers.

Moving to the front garden now, these photos were taken earlier in the week. The climbing plant on the left of picture is a jasmine (white flowers), the central plant is a buddleia wisteria lawn (lilac flowers) and the one on the right is a dwarf rhododendron (white flowers). The other plants dotted about are different heathers, some summer ones and some winter ones. Once this all fills out I think it'll be enough planting for the space. Surprisingly it make the space look much bigger than it actually is - I thought this was just my imagination but a couple of neighbours have made the same comment.

And finally, this is looking along the front of the house. This part still has to have more gravel put down (I have loads bagged up in the garage but need help from my nephew to get this done - he filled the bags and they are way to heavy for me to move!) but the plants are doing well - it's alternating hebes and lavenders.


  1. That all looks excellent, and very well thought-out. I can imagine it will really work once evrything gets established. And the front is very effective - not to mention easy to weed!

  2. That looks really lovely. I love trouble free gardens and I like the shapes and angles in yours.
    J x

  3. WOW - all looks fantastic - I like your pavers in the back garden; can't wait to see what seating you decide on & photos of the plants all in their forever homes. Worth the wait.

  4. Your garden/patio is coming along nicely. I love the way you've designed it, and I think the crabapple tree will be a centerpiece.

  5. All coming along beautifully, Eileen, well done x x

  6. It looks beautiful - front and back! - so great that you can easily maintain it now and enjoy the plants you love while having a nice space to sit outside and enjoy it all. Hope you get lots of days to sit outside!