Thursday, 27 April 2017

Take Three Thursday

Organised by Mary-Lou @ Patio Postcards, this is her weekly meme to share three photos which have a common theme. My photos are of three varieties of thyme I've acquired for my garden - Highland Cream, Doone Valley and Pink Chintz.

Thank you for organising this link up, Mary-Lou.


  1. Thank you for joining in Eileen. These thyme have such delicate leaves & the middle photo is such a pretty mix colouring. I use to walk a labyrinth that was made with all thyme plants, it always smelled so lovely in the hot summer days.

  2. Thyme is a great herb, and I think I like using it most in my cooking because of all the jokes we can make from it. "We're out of thyme again!!" etc etc
    Nice shots of your thyme ... I like the first one with its dainty uniform leaves.

  3. Liking the simple effectiveness of your three.

  4. Lovely selection. I have two different ones in a tub together which make a good effect.