Tuesday, 17 February 2015

48/365: Dump My Junk Day 17

Day 17 - 1 pair of useless tongs, 1 carving knife, 1 carving fork, 1 ice cream scoop, 3 screw fit light bulbs I can't use anywhere in this house, 1 watering can rose, 1 tea spoon, 1 rusty nutcracker, 2 empty bottles (I have no idea why they are still here), 1 leaky drinks bottle, 2 enamel dishes, 1 pastry brush that has seen better days and 1 peeler that hurts my hand every time I use it!
Total items this month = 153


  1. good example of one person's junk being another's treasure - those are my preferred kind of tongs!

    1. I had some like these once before and they were excellent but there's something wrong with the hinge on these tongs so they either won't close properly, meaning you can't grip anything, or they won't open properly, so again it is difficult to grip anything.

  2. Goodnight Eilleen, there are always articles which are losing their effectiveness and then we go ahead and put them in the trash;))! Hugs. Ailime (But in the case of tweezers can make a collection of antique objects and put on a shelf in the kitchen;))! (I have so many, but I don't have space;))!