Monday, 2 February 2015

What a Day!

I don't want another day like today!  Everything, and I mean everything, that could possibly go wrong, went wrong.
It was a full teaching day so I was supposed to leave home by 7:45am at the latest to arrive in good time at my first school.  I overslept!  Panicked.  Caught up with myself and realised I could still get there on time but then, as I was eating breakfast I had a nosebleed.  Stopped nosebleed eventually.  Changed top.  Finished the now cold breakfast and took medication. Gathered bags and headed for the front door only to realise there was blood from the nosebleed on my skirt.  Changed skirt.  Reached the car.  Swore.  De-iced the car (took ages!). 
I was now running really late but if the traffic in Devizes wasn't too bad I'd still just about arrive before my first scheduled lesson. Made good time to Devizes. Hit the worse queue of traffic I've ever seen.  Swore. Got through Devizes and reached my first school later than I like to.
I had no time to set up the room properly so it turned into one of those mornings where I was just trying to catch up with myself ... but never managed to!  The kids were their usual friendly selves but the after nosebleed headache kicked in about 9:30am, so the rest of the morning listening to various combinations of clarinets, flutes, cornets, saxophones and recorders played at full blast was an ordeal to say the least.
I headed towards my afternoon school and parked up to eat my lunch only to realise that lunch was still in the fridge at home. Swore.  Looked for my purse to see how much cash I had with me ... no purse.  Swore and nearly cried!  Rummaged through the glove box and my bag for coins and found enough to buy a pack of sandwiches.  Ate ravenously! Wanted to read my book but had left that at home too. No signal on the radio!
Arrived at the afternoon school in plenty of time and delivered all the lessons, completely distracted by a PE lesson in the hall next to the teaching room, which was so loud the children I was teaching couldn't hear me!  Drove home. Had to queue for ages at three different sets of temporary traffic lights which weren't there earlier.  Seriously fed up!
Had a nap to get rid of headache. Went into the kitchen to cook a meal but I was in such a rush this morning I'd forgotten to take anything out of the freezer.  Swore.  Swore again and nearly cried.  Ordered a takeaway.
I'm waiting for it to be delivered now and I can feel myself relaxing.  The headache has gone, and I'm starting to feel much more positive about things.  Broadchurch is on the TV later, then a soak in the bath followed by an early night.
Hope your day was better than mine!


  1. And breathe...days like that are horrible. Well done on gritting your teeth and getting through it as best you can. Hope tomorrow is much better

  2. That sounds like a day to be filed away in the bin and definitely not repeated x tomorrow is a new day I hope it is a brighter one xx

  3. Oh dear what a day. Hope tomorrow is much better
    Big hugs x

  4. that's a day to be pinned to the wall and have darts thrown at it!! Sometimes Mondays act like they own the week - they don't. Sending cwtches across the Severn Bridge to sooth you and make you smile

  5. Not a good day. It can only get better tomorrow!

  6. Oh Eileen I can feel your frustration in all that happened. really hope today is better and you will probably smile about yesterday now. Hugs xx

  7. It's all been said, today will be fine, smile and move forward x x x

  8. What a crap day! But it's over and tomorrow will be better. :)

  9. What a rubbish day! Why do days such as these always occur on a Monday?
    Wishing you a much improved week to follow. :) Carole.