Sunday, 22 February 2015

53/365: Dump My Junk Day 22

Day 21 - 2 curtains, 14 towels, 1 tablecloth and 5 keys that don't fit any of the doors in this house.
Total items this month = 253


  1. I tried last year for a while to get rid of one thing a day, but very soon failed!
    You seem to be doing very well - I guess it helps to go public with it, a bit like Weightwatchers!
    I will follow with interest and hope to get inspired.
    All the best :)

  2. I offered all my old towels on freecycle- had loads of replies. Dog walkers like them!

  3. You are doing well Eileen. I plan to go through my airing cupboard. Like Squirrelbasket said, it helps to share what we are doing as it makes us accountable and on track. Keep up the good work. You are putting me to shame, though I have piles nearing the front door ready to sort. That's progress!