My Day In Photos | Saturday 21st February 2015

I'm joining in again with Photo an Hour, organised by Jane and Louise.

8:00am | There was no band practice today as it's half term so I had a more leisurely start to the day.  I didn't get out of bed until 7:30, had a quick shower and was downstairs about 8:00ish.  For once on a Saturday morning I wasn't in a rush and had time to sit at the table for a relaxed breakfast. 

9:00am | Time to start preparing the vegetables ready to make some meals to go in the freezer.

10:00am | Still in the kitchen and in between stirring various pots bubbling away on the hob, I started catching up with the laundry.  This was the last load, which luckily didn't need to be ironed, a task I detest!

11:00am | I decided I deserved a break and a mug of coffee.  I'm reading Wolf Hall for one of the book groups I go to.

12:00noon | I opted for an early lunch - beans on toast, much needed comfort food. I live alone, so I'm allowed to read at the table!

1:00pm | Back home after a quick trip to Sainsburys.  I treated myself to some new slippers and some summer shoes, which I'm telling you about because you can't see them in this photo!
2:00pm | I needed some fresh air so grabbed the camera and went for a short walk to find and photograph some street plants for a blog post I wanted to write.

3:00pm | I'd finished my daily 15 minutes decluttering and written the blog post, and settled down for a break and a snack  - coffee and an Easter biscuit, the first one I've had in years.  It was good, but not as good as I'd remembered - not sure if that is my memory playing tricks, or whether it wasn't the same sort as Mum used to buy.

4:00pm | I sorted through the post.  I'd dealt with the boring stuff when it arrived this morning, but this was the fun stuff - my National Trust membership (I almost feel like a grown up now!) and a what's on booklet for Salisbury City Hall. I didn't see anything I fancied at the City Hall, except for the one event I've already booked, but I did find plenty of places I want to visit in the National Trust booklet, so I started planning my summer break from teaching.
5:00pm | I wrote and published my street plant post, then carried on reading various blogs, drinking coffee and enjoying a bit of chilli chocolate, my latest indulgence. 

6:00pm | Back in the kitchen, I prepared my evening meal and divided the, now cold, morning's efforts into containers and put them in the freezer.
7:00pm | I ate my meal in the living room, watching a repeat of Flog It! on the TV.

8:00pm | I did the washing up and tidied the kitchen, then curled up on the sofa to read some more of Wolf Hall. 

9:00pm | I ended the evening catching up with the posts on The View From LL2. I've been hooked on the Serial podcast and have been following a couple of bloggers who have been analysing the case.
That was the last photo of the day.  After I finished on the laptop, I settled down for some more reading and didn't go to bed until just before midnight.  All in all, a relaxing and enjoyable day.


  1. Yum, all your food looks delicious! I need to eat more toast with jam... sounds like you had a very productive day :)

  2. Yay, thanks for taking part! I'm intrigued to know what you've booked at City Hall, we've got tickets to see Rich Hall on 5th June (it's going to be the other half's birthday present, his birthday is in May). Saturday 21st March is the next photo an hour! See you then! :-) xx

    1. I'm going to see Rich Hall as well!

    2. Ooh fab! Definitely a case of great minds think alike :-) He's brilliant isn't he? It'll be the fourth time we've seen him! xx


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