Thursday, 19 February 2015

50/365: Dump My Junk Day 19

Day 19 - some pegs, the front plate of a car radio (but the rest of the radio went with the car years ago!), 1 pair of glasses, 1 set of broken earphones, 1 part box of ear buds, 1 broken watch, 1 tape, 1 set of Harry Potter postcards, 1 spare tray for a printer I no longer have, 1 empty cardboard box (why?), plus 9 spare handles for the saucepan set we got rid of years ago.
Total items this month = 190

1 comment:

  1. Good morning Eileen, all of us after a few years have these things! At the moment everything is throw away! My son got there two drawers full of wires and cables, headphones, etc but what can I do? Hugs, Ailime