Saturday, 21 February 2015

Street Plants

Lucy who blogs at Loose and Leafy, has a theory "that in every street there are flowers and lawns and trees and . . . it's just a matter of adjusting your sense of scale and looking for them."  These aren't the trees and shrubs planted by the council ... according to Lucy, 'they don't count!'; street plants are the ones that have seeded themselves and are growing where they really shouldn't be.
Today I felt in need of some fresh air, so I took myself off for a quick fifteen minute walk around the estate to see if I could spot any street plants.  I didn't think I was going to be lucky but on the way back home I spotted these three.


  1. I hope you found it as exciting as I do to discover these little plants. The drain is especially interesting. There seem to be three kinds there: chickweed, a fern and a cotoneaster would you say? A veritable garden!

    1. I did, it was a real eye opener. It makes me wonder how much I miss on a daily basis!

  2. I love this approach to life and will keep my eyes open as I walk around

  3. Hi Eileen, I loved your post and these little plants of winter that exist on the edge of the paths. I have here the same plant photos and love to photograph them when path. Have a nice Sunday. Hugs.

  4. Lovely! I think I spotted one of those as well - the leaves in your first picture.
    The drain almost looks like a flower arrangement. I love the way you have pictured it diagonally.
    Apparently there are people out there who take pictures of just the drain covers, too. Heard something on radio the other day about a man called Archie Workman who has done a calendar of drain-spotting photos.
    I prefer yours with the greenery (and brownery), though!
    All the best :)

  5. Neat to see your street plants, Eileen, especially the ones growing out of the drain. I've not seen that here, but I need to look more closely ... this summer.