Saturday, 7 February 2015

The Simple Woman's Daybook - Saturday February 7th 2015

Outside my window ... it is pitch black.  It's been my favourite sort of winter's day - bitterly cold but bright sunshine and a blue sky.
I am thinking ... about tomorrow.  I'm hoping that the sunshine continues as I want to go to Great Chalfield Manor to photograph the snowdrops. It's a National Trust property which is officially closed for the winter, but which is opening tomorrow (for one day only) to raise funds for the local hospice.

I am thankful ... that we haven't had any snow and the schools have remained open - I only get paid for the lessons I teach, so school closures hit hard!

In the kitchen ... everything is tidied and put away.  There are fresh vegetables in the vegetable rack and a chicken in the fridge, ready for a roast dinner tomorrow evening. 

I am wearing ... a new blue t-shirt and, for the first time in years, a pair of jeans.

I am creating ... chaos ... or that's what it seems like!  The decluttering is going well but has inevitably created a mess in every room which will probably get even worse before it starts to get better. It'll be worth it though.    

I am going ... to help my friend list some of her things for sale on Gumtree. I also have to list a lot of my own things as well.  It's a job for half term in two weeks time.

I am wondering ... whether to have a theme for the A to Z Challenge in April.  I did it last year with a local history theme, and really enjoyed it.  It'd be easier if I could think of a theme relating to decluttering as it could then double up as my daily post for Project 365, but my mind is a blank.  Any ideas will be very much appreciated!

I am reading ... The Book of Summers by Emylia Hall.  I'm about half way through it and am getting to the stage where I can't put it down.  I want to know what happens but don't want the book to end!
I am hoping ...  that my hospital appointment comes through soon.  I am waiting to have a scan of my shoulder, which is getting increasingly painful and which I just want to be better.
I am looking forward to ... some evenings out that I have arranged over the next few weeks; book groups, meals, music nights and film nights - much needed fun times to relax with friends.
I am learning ... to deal with my depression.  Usually January and February are bad months for me, but so far this year I have coped well.  Fingers crossed that the good days continue!
Around the house ...  as I said before, it's all a bit of a mess throughout the house as a result of the decluttering.  Usually, this much mess would drive me mad but the positive feelings as a result of actually starting the massive clear out are overwhelming everything, and I feel much freer and lighter so far.
I am pondering ... the Adnan Syed case.  I've been obsessed since listening to the Serial podcasts and have since been reading Rabia Chaudry's blog and also the View from LL2 where they have been analysing the case in great detail. 

One of my favourite things ... the excitement of new growth in the garden
A few plans for the rest of the week ...
  • Sunday: visiting Great Chalfield Manor for the Dorothy House Snowdrop Walk
  • Monday: teaching all day
  • Tuesday: teaching in the afternoon
  • Wednesday: teaching in the morning, photography walk in the afternoon
  • Thursday: teaching in the afternoon
  • Friday: teaching all day - last day before the half term holiday!
  • Saturday: no band as it's half term and no other plans, except to have a rest!

A peek into my day ... I spent the morning at band practice.  We managed to get the beginners playing along with the junior band on some of the simpler junior band music, so it was a very successful morning and quite a few happy beaming children at the end of it!  I had my hair cut at midday, then a quick food shop on the way home followed by a late lunch.  Since then I've done a bit of sorting, checked emails and generally been busy doing nothing.  I've no plans for the rest of the evening but there's nothing I want to watch on TV so will carry on reading my book.
A favourite quote for today ...
"The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude." - Zig Ziglar


  1. Your decluttering activities are inspiring. I've been wondering whether you've experienced a knock-on effect mentally as I always feel so much more able to think straight when I've had a jolly good sort out. Most of my stuff is well-organised but the main problem is finding space to accommodate it all. I could probably do with having a wardrobe and book cull at the very least. For now I'll enjoy the satisfaction of watching you do yours! :o)