Sunday, 5 July 2015

5 in 5 | The Garden in July

At the start of July there's the promise of colour to come. 

In one of the hanging baskets the fuchsias are ready to flower.

The delphiniums are producing their flower spikes.

The euonymus is starting the change to its vibrant pink autumn display.

There are more sweet peas about to burst into flower.

And another fuchsia in the hanging basket is almost open (it was a fuchsia when I planted it, but it might have grown as something else! It doesn't look much like a fuchsia at the moment!)

Linking with Sandie over at Itchifingers.


  1. Lovely pictures. It's rewarding seeing it come into bloom isn't it.

  2. beautiful - so much flowering colour around at the moment

  3. Beautiful flowers and colour in your garden Eileen... something my own lacks. I love the sweet pea with the rain drop....
    I remember those fat fuchsia buds, I used to have lots once upon a time. Since working full time I gradually changed to a more maintenance free planting but will be going back to having my favourite country garden plants again now I no longer commute and spend so much time away from home.
    Thank you for joining in and sharing these lovely photos, you have inspired me ;) x

  4. So very nice; the hanging basket one was my favorite!


  5. great close up photos. I wish I had got a fuchsia this year, my hummingbirds seem to miss. Sweet peas have such a beautiful scent.

  6. A lovely 5 and of course the raindrop is my favourite.