Monday, 27 July 2015

Me on Monday | Scavenger Hunting in Exmouth

It's been a bit of a dismal day with the weather, but despite that I've had a lovely day in Exmouth.  It chose to go on a coach trip so that I didn't have to worry about the driving, and had just over five hours to see the town once we got there.
I was hoping to take some photos of the estuary but it was all too grey and the tide was out. 
So I started walking down towards the marina and was delighted to get some more photos for the Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt.  My walk took me past where the circus was setting up and I captured their ticket booth for No 19 | a ticket booth ...
and a photo of their Big Top for No 9 | a tent.

I was hoping that somewhere in the marina I'd find a boat flying three flag from its mast head but this was the best I could find ... a boat flying three pennants from a lanyard, for No 15 | a flag pole with at least three flags on it 

and the final one for the hunt today is of the Exmouth Marina Bridge, for No 6 | a metal bridge.
Apart from these two photos of gulls, I abandoned my plans for a day of photography and headed into town.

I had a long lunch break in a very friendly little café where the food was cheap, but excellent, and the service was the best I've had for a long time. I had a chicken curry and then treated myself to a cream tea.  I'm not supposed to have the cream as dairy is off the menu but it doesn't hurt to be naughty sometimes, does it? I put the jam first and the cream on top, but never remember if that is the Cornish or Devon way.
I spent an hour or so wandering around the town and through Manor Gardens (very pretty) and then decided on a seat on the land train for a trip around the town, mainly because my feet were aching by this time and I wanted to sit down!
It was only £3 for an hour long trip, during which I saw a lot more of the area and also heard some of its history.  I was expecting to hear all about the smugglers but didn't know, for example, that Lord Byron's wife live in Exmouth at one time and also that Lord Nelson's estranged wife made her home in the town and is buried in Littleham Churchyard.  There was a delightful little girl in the same carriage as me, who was singing her own version of 'the wheels on the bus'; she was about 2 years old and insisted on every one joining in.  Luckily, her version was easy peasy and just involved singing 'round and round' ... over and over and over and over ... you get the idea.  I think it made her day when everyone joined in!
I didn't finish the tour because I opted to get out just before the end when it stopped near the bus station, to save me a long walk back to catch the coach! 
All in all, a good day out.

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  1. More great finds, I especially like the flags! xx

  2. Sounded like a delightful day in a lovely area! Great finds too for the scavenger hunt!


  3. A good day. Cornish way is jam first, cream on top. Or in my case, skip the cream and jam and just have half a pound of butter 😄xx

  4. A great day out. Brilliant finds for the Scavenger Hunt, Eileen!

  5. Sounds like you had a fabulous day despite the weather xx

  6. Looks like it was a wonderful day out. Great tent photo. Two thumbs up and a big grin to your cream tea naughtiness.

  7. A coach trip sounds good. We find ourselves going on coaches more. I always advocate jam first on the scone but then I am half Cornish! Well done on your finds. Lovely colourful ones too. This flag one is a bit tricky!

  8. Great finds! Sounds like a wonderful day.

  9. Great finds for the hunt! I'm still looking for the illusive three flags on a pole, too!

  10. Great finds! I love the tent and ticket booth especially.