Friday, 10 July 2015

All About ... This Summer

The holiday has started and I have eleven weeks in which I can do exactly what I please, although I know that September will arrive all too soon.  I have plenty of things organised; I didn't realise I'd planned so much until I typed this list!
  • go to a demonstration of Indian cookery I did this on Wednesday night.  It was excellent and I've now booked a place on one of her courses.
  • do the Bizarre Bath Comedy Walk
  • visit the Beggars Knoll Chinese Garden in Westbury (NGS open day for charity)
  • meet with Joy for lunch at the Lavender Farm
  • go to Carter's Steam Fair in Bath
  • see Alan Carr, the comedian, in Bristol
  • go on a photo walk in Devizes
  • play at the Civic Service in Trowbridge
  • visit Exmouth
  • do an Indian Street Food cookery course
  • follow the Bathampton Morris Men as they dance around Lacock
  • sightseeing in London
  • visit Knighthayes House near Tiverton with Karen and Joy
  • make a Tussy Mussy at the Courts Garden in Holt
  • visit Seend Head House Gardens (NGS open day)
  • visit Dyrham House
  • go on a photo walk in Imber
  • go on the Emirates Cable Car in Greenwich
  • do the Buckingham Palace tour
  • go on a Mystery Coach Trip
That's all the special events and on top of that I have the art course to complete, various book group evenings, meals with family and friends, and of course I have the rest of the photos to find for the Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt.  I'm fairly sure there will be a couple of day trips to the coast as well as well as meeting with friends for coffee and a chat. Oh, and picnics - there'll definitely be time for those!
It sounds a lot doesn't it but I have 77 days of leisure and all of this will only fill up about 20 to 30 days, so I'll have plenty of time for more sorting and organising, and most important of all, plenty of time to relax before I return to work.

What fun things do you have planned for the summer?


  1. That is some list! You are going to be busy! I see quite a few that I have done and some that I am always meaning to do.

  2. That is a good list, very glad to see you included some rest time to chill and recharge your batteries. Look forward to the meet up. xx

  3. Looks like a nice variety of things to do! Enjoy your break!


  4. intrigued by the comic walk - I'm hoping it means lots of people doing silly walks through scenic areas!!! Looking forward to enjoying all of these second hand as you report on them

  5. That's a great list Eileen, and a nice idea to share. You have some nice things to look forward to, and my summer is pretty packed to. I have a retreat, a trip in the campervan to Stonehenge, a stay with a blog friend in the midlands and we will be doing a 4 day book art course that involves printing techniques.... well.... I could go on but perhaps it will be an idea to share my own list and take your lead. Have fun doing all these and I know you will enjoy the Emirates Cable Car. Hope you get some good views from the top - that will be one to tick off your scavenger hunt list if you've not already done that!