Catching Up ...

Yesterday and today have been the days for catching up with ...
  • the garden, where there's not much happening in terms of colour.  The buddleia is the only big plant flowering and there are still plenty of sweet peas and fuchsias, but apart from that it's lacking interest.  So I'm asking for ideas from all you gardeners, please - I'd like some bigger 'daisy' type plants and also a white or red climbing rose, so any suggestions for varieties that will be flowering now and which are also fairly long lasting will be very much appreciated.  I've tidied round out there and it's all looking up together for the time being. The strawberries and raspberries are finished for this year but the tomato plants are producing their fruit (thank you, Joy). 
  • the decluttering, which I hope is now nearing an end. I think I've reached the end of what can just be thrown away, although as time goes on I find I'm prepared to just get rid of more things, so that statement may change!  I'm about half way through sorting the books (to donate) and videos/DVDs (hopefully to sell) and will get the sorting finished next week when I have a couple of 'at home' days planned.  I have another boot load to take to the skip when I can summon up the energy.
  • the organising, mostly to do with budgets and finances.  I've set up a couple of saving accounts, one for holidays and trips, and one for the courses I'd like to do. I've also done a bit of planning for next terms lessons and also for the theory sessions at the band, mostly listing ideas of how to keep it interesting for the children who are finding the theory difficult.
  • the housework; downstairs is looking clean and tidy again (except for the pile of stuff in the corner of the living room which is waiting to go to the skip!).  I've been better about keeping it tidy and have been clearing up as I go along, and now that I have proper places for everything, it doesn't take long to dust and run the hoover round.
  • the home improvements.  I've asked for a few quotes for decorating, redoing the kitchen (which I don't think I'll be able to afford but you never know!), removing the decking and building a stone patio, and installing some storage in the downstairs cloakroom.  I've also sourced the bookcase I need for the music room and am now looking for a cupboard that is big enough to hold the larger instruments. 
I'm off to London tomorrow, another coach trip as it works out cheaper than the train.  I'm hoping to get some more photos for the scavenger hunt - there must be three flags on a flagpole somewhere in London! I hope to have time to wander around Hyde Park and I'll finish the day on one of the Big Red Bus tours as it's a great way of seeing the sights once my feet start to ache; if I time it right, the bus will stop very close to where the coach is picking us up. I'll be leaving early and won't be home till late so there may not be a post tomorrow, but I'll catch up on Sunday.


  1. Well done on all that and have a lovely day in London! Pleased to see the weather looks promising and I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for your flags...

  2. Enjoy your day out. Plant suggestion, Japanese Anemones, in flower now, I have pink and white, and slightly more delicate than large daisies, standing about 1.5m

  3. nice
    new post

  4. Your day tomorrow sounds fun! I hope you are successful in getting the pictures you want for the scavenger hunt. I have found it is easier to keep going a little bit daily on tidying up and not to let things accumulate; makes things get done quicker when I clean. Also learned to let go of paper sooner than later; in the past I would hold on to a catalog thinking I might look through it, now I quickly glance through it and dispose of it if not interested. It does make a difference :)


  5. Sounds as though you have been very busy indeed! I hope that you enjoy your trip! xx

  6. What a lovely catch up. You have been busy with the cleaning and tidying. I am not sure any of my garden suggestions would work across the pond (lol). Right now I do have phox in bloom and some of the bigger spaced gardens have Joe Pye Weed in bloom along with Black Eyed Susans. Hoping that your day out in London was successful for SPSH and you had fun.

  7. I have a couple of penstemon that have been flowering for ages not daisy like I know but give a good splash of colour.


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