Been Hunting!

Carter's Steam Fair was in Bath this weekend so it was an ideal opportunity to get some more photos for the Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt.
First up, the ones from the fair - No 13 | a merry-go-round or carousel 

I'm not sure if these next ones really count for No 19 | a ticket booth.  The first two were taken at the fair; you have to buy tokens to use the rides and the first picture is where you can buy the tokens and the second one is the booth at the entrance to a ride, where you hand over your tokens in payment. The third photo is of the Bath Rugby ticket office on Pulteney Bridge.

The next two photos are for No 5 | architectural columns. Before you ask ... I have no idea what the wicker art installation around the columns on the front of the Holburne Museum is supposed to be!

The next two are for No 14 | a traffic signal; the first one was taken from inside my car while I was waiting (for ages!) for the lights to change.

I thought I was going to see lots of photo opportunities for No 3 | a person walking a dog  but this was the only one today.

On the way home I managed to find three more for No 11 | a cellular tower or television satellite dish. The first one was taken in Bathford and the other two were taken on the industrial estate in Trowbridge.
The final one from today's haul is of the River Avon, photographed at Bradford-on-Avon, for No 20 | a natural body of water

And to finish, one from yesterday when I visited the Chinese Garden in Westbury.  This one was taken from the viewpoint high up on the hillside showing the view looking south west, and is for No 16| a panoramic view while standing someplace high in the air.
That leaves me with seven more to find. I have ideas for most of them and am hoping I manage to find the three flags on one flagpole when I go to London.


  1. Productive, sunny day; great work! And envy-inducing carousels! Mine is overrun with crowds and has an inelegant railing around it. I need to find energy to go back for some night shots - might be better.

  2. These are wonderful! Such colorful merry-go-rounds/carousels and your certainly covered all manners of ticket booths!
    Those wicker columns are weirdly wonderful. I saw something similar once at an estate/garden/castle in the Cotswolds.
    The dog walker made me chuckle!
    But, oddly, my favorites are the cell towers, which I find photographically so striking in their composition.
    I'll run another linky at the end of the month

  3. You have been busy hunting!! Found lots of great pictures for the hunt!


  4. Fab photos. Love all the different carousels, so colourful.

  5. You are doing really well with this, I must sit down and see what I have taken (very little) and get on with what I need to take lol. xx

  6. Looks as though you are doing well with some great pictures found already!! xx

  7. I love the carousel pictures. I think all those ticket booths are perfectly good. I haven't noticed the interesting art form on the Holburne museum but I have noted the "ironwork " on the roundabout at the end of Pultney St.

  8. Such fabulous photos, Eileen¬

  9. looks a very successful hunt with lovely blue skies - I do love to see merry go rounds and you had a fine collection there

  10. All fantastic photos and the carousels are great examples. I wonder if the wicker "thingy" is suppose to be a gust of wind, a thought twisting about ... nice building except for those things. ;)

  11. We drove past the signs for Carters on our way up England and I was wishing we had time to stop. The photos show it as just as interesting as I was imagining!

  12. What a wonderful collection, the fairground rides are so colourful. These and circus tents always make me smile. I think the fairground ticket booth certainly counts but you hedged your bet with others anyway.

  13. You've done incredibly well in your search. Love the fairground photos and the ticket booths are lovely.


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