Tuesday, 7 July 2015

All About ... the Art Course Day 5

Day 5, so we're half way through the course. 
We started today's session finishing off the tonal study we started last week. I'm reasonably pleased with the end result, although I definitely need to practice painting trees.  Mine are not good! 

Then we moved on to painting leaves using the wet on wet technique we used in week 2 to paint the apples, but this time using four colours.  Next week we have to lift out some of the paint to create an impression of the veins. 
This was about learning to not be too precise, as we are aiming for an impression, not photo realism.  This is something I find quite hard to achieve but it is getting better with practice.  I also learnt that the hard yellow line around the edge is because I had too much water for the amount of paint in my mix. 

Finally, on to our first proper painting - a bunch of grapes and a couple of leaves but it was up to us how we placed those elements.  I haven't quite got the colour of the grapes right so I'll try to do something about that during the week. I had to leave early again to get to my Tuesday afternoon school so the rest will have finished all their painting, but by next week I need to have completed the other leaf and the rest of the grapes.  Then we will start next week lifting out the highlights on the grapes to give them form, and also to create the veins on the leaves. 
Next week we are learning about perspective and then for the remaining weeks the focus is on acrylics.


  1. Hi Eileen, you did really well! My Congratulations! I love painting and I'm seriously thinking of doing a course also from September;))! Continuation of good work. Hugs

  2. Glad you are enjoying it x

  3. It does seem like you are learning a lot :)


  4. Love it. Looking forward to seeing how you get on with acrylics, as they are my favourite medium to work with. Joy x x

  5. I love following along with your painting course and seeing you improve each week. Well done.

  6. I am really enjoying your paintings and learning how you did these. The tonal study is very interesting idea and as for the leaf, I actually like the outline around the edge. I know exactly what you mean about watercolour being like an impression, this is where I go so wrong. Wishing that I could be in the course with you, and I'll be interested to see how the acrylics go. I think watercolour is my favourite but you may change my thought....