Sunday, 5 July 2015

Busy Sorting!

I had a busy afternoon yesterday, sorting yet more paper.  I've decided to get rid of more teaching aids that I no longer use.  They are just taking up space and I have the original copies of every document if I do change my mind and decide to use some of it in the future. I also seem to have been inundated with junk mail over the last couple of weeks so that's all going to recycling as well.
This is my sorting corner where I'm piling stuff to go to the skip.  They've changed the opening times at the recycling centre so I'll only be going once a week now - apparently this has resulted in long queues at certain times so that'll be fun!  At least I have the time to go during the week, rather than having to go at weekends - they were queuing down the road at opening time yesterday morning.


  1. That was wise to go through your teaching things and getting rid of things you might not be using down the road. Paper can accumulate so quickly if one doesn't keep up with it. I know we sorted through TONS (and I literally mean TONS) of paper when cleaning out hubby's parents' home. Now since we've moved, I've been very careful about not letting paper build up. We are lucky though, we have recycle bins that are picked up in a separate trash truck at the time of our weekly trash collection.


    1. We have collection bins for paper recycling as well (also glass, tins, cardboard and plastic bottles). They're once a fortnight, but I have so much paper to get rid of that I prefer to take it directly to the recycling centre so that it is out of the way. When I've finished decluttering I'll go back to using the kerbside collection.

  2. I so wish I had your attitude Eileen, I tend to move things rather than get rid. I am practicing and need to practice harder! I have boxes and boxes of paperwork related to study and my work as a nurse. Now I have enjoyed a year of 'life after work' (a milestone reached today!) I know I will not be returning and so I have no use for it any more. I need to follow your example. That said, I have chipped away at organising my craft materials and space... tiny steps but in the right direction.