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I've felt a bit low today, partly it's the anti-climax following an event that I'd been looking forward to for a long time and also that, sadly, that event wasn't quite as good as I was expecting it to be. 
As I mentioned yesterday, we had tickets to see Alan Carr who was appearing in Bristol.  I went with Julie, we stopped for a lovely meal and a good natter on the way, arrived with time to spare, easily found a parking space, discovered we had a much better view from our seats than we though we would, but then ... the show was a little disappointing.  We both felt the same about it.  There were plenty of laughs but it was all a bit reserved and we'd both been expecting him to be much more outrageous in his live show ... and he wasn't.  It wasn't awful by any means, just that we were both expecting it to be a lot more boisterous than it was.
I carried on with the decluttering this morning.  I'm still trying to move all the videos to one place - a task which would have been a lot easier before I moved everything to make space for Julie's things; I knew where everything was at one time, but now it's all piled into one room and I'm having to hunt for things, so it's taking longer than it should. 
I've also started a pile of books to take to the Friends of the Royal United Hospital for their fund-raising campaign.
This afternoon I met up with fellow photography enthusiasts for a photo walk around Devizes.  There were nine of us but in the end we didn't manage much of a walk, only getting to a hat shop (!), and into a nearby churchyard.  Then after 90 minutes or so we wandered back to CafĂ© Nero for a coffee and muffin, and to show each other our photos.
I'm not too impressed with any of the photos I took myself but I was pleased to get this one for the Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt - no. 3 | a person walking a dog.
It was a thoroughly pleasant afternoon and it was good to meet some new people who have been caught by the photography bug.  I'm looking forward to the next one.
I have a busy week ahead of me.  Tomorrow the band plays at the Civic Service in town, on Monday I have a day trip to Exmouth, on Tuesday it's the art course and a book group meeting, on Wednesday I have a place on a Indian Street Food cookery course and on Thursday, it's Little Miss H's 4th birthday and in the evening I'm meeting up with friends to follow the Bathampton Morris Men as they perform their dances outside all of the pubs in Lacock.  There's nothing planned for Friday but on Saturday I have a day trip to London and on Sunday I'm meeting up with Sandie for breakfast.
Somewhere in amongst all this I need to find time to take another car load to the skip, and also fit in a visit to the Garden Centre to buy some more pots and a few plants.  My hanging baskets were looking so good but have gone over really quickly so I want to pick up some more plants and redo them for some interest and colour for the rest of the summer.
I've decided that one thing that is lacking in my home is the complete absence of any house plants.  I've been having a think about what I'd like and have sort of decided on orchids, but before I commit to buying any .... does anyone know if they're difficult to look after? 
I feel I'd do well with a plant that thrives on neglect but I don't know if that applies to orchids.  If they are too needy, I may have to rethink!
I've been offered the chance to return to Anglesey for another photography course, this time sharing with another person. I turned it down, partly because I have such a lot on, but also that it is too far to go for a short half day course.  However, I've had second thoughts about it and will contact C to see if it's possible to add this proposed course onto another two day one, and maybe try to fit it in during the first half term break.
I'm getting on well with my new camera and by October should be in a position to start experimenting with multiple exposures, so another course at that stage will be more useful for me.  Failing that, it'll have to wait till next year and then I'll probably opt for a one week course, shared with about five others.
I've run out of things to say - do I hear you breathe a sigh of relief?  Hope you are all enjoying your weekend and I'll be back tomorrow with a post for the Cherished Blogfest.


  1. Wow - what a busy week you have planned! Plenty to look forward to and hope it delivers - unlike Mr Carr.

    Looking forward to getting some gen on orchids... I had one which bloomed nicely and for ages with minimal care, but I couldn't get it to come back again the following year. I gave it to a friend who worked her magic, so last year it was lovely again. In the winter I followed her instructions and got a big new stem this spring, with lots of buds - only for it to die off. Since then - dormant!

  2. Sorry the show didn't go the way you thought it would, but the outing with your friend did seem fun. I'm so clueless about house plants or orchids. I tend to have a brown (black) thumb. Its better if I don't try to grow anything, LOL :)

    It does seem like you have lots of fun events upcoming :)


  3. Very busy, I need a rest after reading what you will be up to!! Lol. As for Orchids, I was bought one a couple of years ago and I was worried silly as I thought they were needed plants, how wrong was I, I have two now both are very neglected and both provide me with a regular display of gorgeous flowers, I water them very rarely and when they die right back to the point you think it is for the bin, I just give it a little water and after it has had it's rest it starts again!! I am sure if I paid more attention to them they would do even better! I would happily have another, in fact they are the only flowering house plant that survives in this house. Lol

    Have a good day. Xx

  4. Sorry to hear that the show didn't quite meet expectations. Sounds as though you had a good time out though taking photos. As for houseplants I can recommend - as someone who can kill a houseplant by looking at them, but I cannot and do not kill these! - a Kalanchoe. They are cheap as chips - about £2.00 in a supermarket, flower for months on end and are so easy to care for. Just give them a little water if and when they look limp - about once a week - and they just keep going and going and going and well, you get the point! No advice on orchids I am afraid, but I certainly recommend the kalanchoes! They are wonderful! xx


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